Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boykid cracks me up

The son, who is 16 and a junior in high school, asked which comedian we thought he was most like. I said Pauly Shore, you know from Son in Law...hahaha!!! He said his friends told him Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and a couple more that I of course can't remember now. See...I told y'all the memory was an issue for me. I've often thought to myself that I need to embrace his comedic acts better, lest he become a famous comedian one day and some reporter asks him how his mom handled his being funny and silly as a kid and he tell them that I was constantly telling him to shut the f&ck up!

Yep, maybe, I should just in case he becomes rich and famous and gets to choose my nursing home...


  1. YAY, you're blogging now!! My dad just called, so I can't finish my thought.

  2. OMG is that CTM on my blog...wooohooo!!! And my first commenter EVER! AWESOME!!!