Thursday, September 10, 2009

Girlkid is growing up

The daughter is almost 13 and is in the 7th grade. She just went back to public school, after 4 years of private school and seems to be doing well. She is making friends. She went to a church thing last Friday with a couple of friends. I gave those friends a ride home and overheard them talking about what to do the following weekend, the church, the skating rink, movies, etc. The next day I was telling her that I didn't think the skating rink was a good idea cuz when boykid went there when he was younger, there was fighting and making out and all that. She told me not to worry, cuz she had told her friends that she didn't want any part of the trouble that goes on there and she'd rather go to the church thing or stay home!

Getting older she is, does that make me OLDER???

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