Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Crazy

So, today I turn 35. I've never really cared about age before, but today, I'm not really liking the whole "I'm 35" statement. My friend texted me early, that was great. Then my daughter called, then my husband, then more texts from other people. GREAT!!! Then emails and's my birthday... party like a rock star...NOT! The people I work with, they didn't know it was my birthday, I ate lunch ALONE today...WTF! Plus, some B&TCH was rude to me on the phone and I was trying to be fucking nice, but geezus woman, go be mean to someone else, it's my birthday! Girlkid has her first volleyball game tonight, so happy birthday to me at the school gym. This is how I party like a rock star...LOL! At the school gym with my kid. Uncle Bubba will prolly buy me that new fishing pole he's been eyein down at the Bass Pro lately, cuz I fish (NOT) hahahaha! If he does maybe I'll go buy myself that James Avery ring I've been eyein down at the mall! Sounds like a good plan to me!

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