Monday, September 21, 2009

I don't get it y'all

Seriously...what are the office people in the schools doing? I mean, I know they are tolerating, albeit not very well sometimes, all the heathen children that roam the school daily and I'm sure they have lots of work to do, but after the call I just got, I have to freakin ask myself...WTF??? I emailed the attendance clerk at boykid's high school because online they showed he had 16 unexcused absences. I explained that I had sent a note when he missed first period one day and that he wasn't absent another time for first period because he was in his original math class, received his new schedule, then went to his current math class, and someone marked him absent incorrectly and I told them that he'd been absent 2 days last week, but had turned in a note from the doctor to the office upon his return to school on Friday. I get a call from another attendance clerk, telling me that I had emailed the wrong person and then telling me that she had not seen either of the notes I referred to in my email and could I please tell boykid that the proper place to submit notes is room C100. I couldn't fucking help myself y'all, I had to ask her...well, if he turned it into the "wrong" office, what on earth would they have done with it? I mean, how fucking hard is it to forward it to the correct person, if the student turns it into the wrong place??? She said she had no idea and just couldn't fathom where these notes had been sent, but that she didn't have them, so she took my email, printed it, updated his attendance records, and placed my email in his file and please, could I remember to remind him that the proper place to turn in notes is in room C100.


Lest, I forget to mention to y'all, I will be asking him (giving him the 3rd degree) WHERE exactly he turned in said notes, and if I'm feeling all frisky and energetic, I may even search his truck, backpack, and wallet to see if he still has those notes in his possession, in which case, I may strangle him with my bare hands for LYING to me about turning them in!!!

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