Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm a liar, yep, I lied, but in my defense is was for a good cause, I promise y'all, it really was. My sanity was on the line and I needed a pick me up in a bad way, almost like a drug, I needed that pick me up. So, I lied, well really I DID have a bad headache, but I lied and said I was going home to bed, when in fact I was going to have a LONG ass, much needed lunch with my work wife. She's my bitch and I'm her bitch and we "GET" each other dammit and fuck, I NEEDED HER and she needed me too. I told y'all, I needed my fix and only the work wife could provide it. We used to have lunch every single day, the food didn't matter. The only things that mattered were if they had a smoking section and good tasting iced tea y'all, cuz fuck, us girls got to have our priorities, right???

So, one of those lunches was in order and I lied to get my bitch fix, but it was worth it and honestly, I feel no shame for lying to get what I needed from my work wife, even if she's been cheating on me with my work husband. Those bastards, both of them cheating on me and with each other. Hell, they are both lucky I still even speak to them. But I need them both...I NEED THEM BOTH!!!

What is it about lunch with a girlfriend, especially and 3.5 hour lunch with LOTS of smoking and tea drinking and well, hell, we did eat but it was about the smoking and the tea dammit, that makes a person feel so much better? The special thing about my work wife is that what we have is special, and not in a freaky-deaky nasty way, but in that we rarely socialize outside of work way but know each other, or well, she knows me better than anyone, really. It's special dammit!!!

I honestly left feeling like I'd been away with friends for the weekend. I heart my work wife and fuck, I miss her every day. We sat at that booth and we talked and talked and talked. We talk at the same time, both speaking and hearing, and the conversation moves from topic to topic so fast that other people would never ever be able to keep up y'all. They just wouldn't.

And when it was over and we parted ways, I was better, so much better, and sad too cuz I miss her and those daily lunches, but I'll take what I can get, even if it's once every couple of months or even if like yesterday, it was 5 minutes and one smoke on the front porch, I'll take it dammit, I WILL TAKE IT!!!

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