Tuesday, September 29, 2009

True Story Tuesday

This is my first True Story Tuesday post. I'm new to blogging and this is a great way to help me keep going. I got the button and the task from http://www.onceuponamiracle.com/

I couldn't make this sh&t up if I tried y'all!!! When boykid and my niece were around 3 years old or so, I had them and my 2 yr old nephew and my newborn at home with me, and I was all alone. The windows were open, cuz it was a nice cool day with a breeze, which is a rarity here is Texas. Hell, it was prolly the ONLY day of fall we had that year. Anyway, I'm dealing with the newborn and the 2 yr old, the 3 yr olds are playing, when suddenly, I hear boykid screaming at the top of his little lungs. I turn around and see the niece standing near the open window laughing and pointing. It took me about a half a second to realize she had pushed boykid out of the window. We live in a mobile home y'all, it was a good 3 foot fall for the boykid!!! I ran out the door to grab him. When I got back to the door, it was LOCKED!!! The niece had locked me out and was yet again LAUGHING hysterically. I'm screaming at her to open the fucking door, the boykid is still crying cuz he fell out of a damn window, and by now both the 2 yr old and the newborn have decided that they will not be left out and are screaming too!!! When she finally opened the door, I closed all the windows, turned on the a/c, and put them all down for a nap. Rare fall days are so overrated!!!


  1. I live in S. Central TX and totally "get" the 1 Fall day.

    And yikes, your niece is a stinker x's 2! So glad she thought it was amusing and so glad your son was OK. Scary!

  2. OMG...I'm so excited! A comment from another blogger...woohooo!!! Nice to meet you Foursons.

    That little stinker is now 16 and is STILL a stinker but I love her!

  3. Sydney did something very similar to me when she was little too (minus a few kids, 1 injured, lol). I ran outside to start the car, because it was minus 5 million degrees and the car I drove at the time didn't have a block heater. I was wearing my slippers & a sweater, and just as I came running up to the door, I can hear the "click" - it was locked. I knock and can hear Sydney giggling. Kinda funny, now open the door sweetie. Even at her young age, she knew after a minute it wasn't funny anymore. She wouldn't open the door for me because she thought she'd get in trouble. I could here her tiny voice on the other side of the door actually tell me that she would not in fact open the door because she would get in trouble. I was laughing at this point because cold or not, that was too damn cute. She let me in after I pinky-swore she wouldn't get in trouble, lol.