Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's a girl to do?

When she realizes that she made a mistake? A big one. If said girl is me, well, I head to the nail salon for a brand new shiny set of fingernails and a fancy schmancy spa pedicure with the hot rock massage of the legs and feet and have cute little sparkly things painted on my ugly ass toes. Y'all...feet are ugly, all feet, I'm not kidding, they are, so I get my toes all fancied up so I can at least pretend that they aren't ugly.

Anyway, off topic and getting back on track, cuz I'm forgetful like that. Back in January, I accepted a new position with my company and in February made the big move from the field to the corporate digs. This is supposed to be my big entry into moving up the proverbial career ladder. I've been in school, working on that coveted degree, which I swear is about to kill me, but whatever. The kids are older, the hours are good, the pay is great, but I hate it. I hate the office, the atmosphere, the actual job...UGH it's awful, boring, I do not like it. Oh and in case I forgot to mention, I can't wear flip flops to work here. Seriously, I thought I could live with that, I so can't!!! Making matters even worse is the boss has this plan of action for me and I do not like what he wants me to become an expert in. I'm not interested in doing it, it is going to be incredibly hard for me given my tendency to cuss like a fucking sailor, smoke like chimney, and say whatever comes to mind...I'm thinking those things will not go over well with government officials...right y'all???

Normally, I'm all suck it up and make myself happy and deal with the shit. Enjoy the hours and the money, but right about now, I am nothing but fucking tired from having to get up before the roosters crow, sick to death of hating being in my everloving cubicle all day, and doing it again and again, day after day.

I tried the nail salon trick last night, it's not working this time, so tell me y'all, WTF am I supposed to do now???

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