Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why can't people dress normally y'all???

There is a mom, or actually the girlfriend of the dad of one of my daughter's teammates, that dresses like she's 21, not 42. I happen to know she's 42 cuz girlkid told me how this girlfriend has big fake boobies, is really skinny, and works at a wing establishment known for the teeny tiny orange shorts. Now, I'm not bashing where she works or the fact that she's working there at her age or anything and hell, I am a little bit jealous of her great body (ok a LOT but who cares, right?), but come on, at what age is it inappropriate for a grown ass woman to wear Hollister tees and Abercrombie jeans and Shocks??? I mean, it's very obvious she's not 21, hell Uncle Bubba estimated she was about 55...LOL! So, seriously, why do women try to dress like their teenaged daughters? I don't get it. Being a fat mom myself, I dress to cover the fat rolls and still try to look cute, but even if I were one of those skinny moms, I certainly like to think I'd have enough sense to NOT wear my 13 yr old kid's clothing.

Another thing...why is it that women that would look great in the next size up wear the size that is one size too small? Again, fat chick here, do not flaunt the fat roll. It makes you look nasty when in fact, you could look great and no one would even know you had that roll! Mom's that wear their daughter's size medium tee shirt, when they need to be wearing a large or an extra large, again, I do not get it...what is the point here??? And let's not even get into the short shorts...again...AGE APPROPRIATE clothing!!! I'm certainly not saying we need to be wearing Granny's moomoo but why must we attempt to be something we aren't? I have worked hard to get to the ripe young age of 35 and I have earned every ounce of fat and each inch of fat roll I have...I do not want to pretend I'm was hard being 19, and I do not want to relive my 20's!

Moving on to the "sagging"...WTF is that about??? Yesterday and today, I saw young men wearing their shorts below their behinds, with a belt y' seriously, you don't mind showing your boxers, but you are gonna wear a fucking belt to hold your pants at your thighs??? I do not get it...I just don't and I don't think I'll ever be able to understand WHY one would think that looks GOOD??? Cuz believe you me, those young men thought they were fucking HOT with their swagger and all.

It makes me want to smack someone and ask them WTF are y'all thinking???


  1. Okay, okay, so I’m guilty of wearing the too tight clothing and I do in fact realize that I would probably look much better in the next size up but I am broke. And cheap. And if I wasn’t lazy too I could get my fat ass to the gym and maybe correct some of that.

    And ditto on the sagging style. What is that? I don’t get it and I don’t like it.

    Fat, Cheap & Lazy
    AKA - Shawna

  2. LOL Shawna, I get the whole being broke. This particular woman isn't and goodness's awful.

    Nice to meet you!!!

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