Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to blogging

Thursday was my Friday, Friday was a vacation day and Girlkid's 13th birthday! She got the day off from school. Uncle Bubba took her fishing, then she and I had lunch, then my new sofas were delivered, and then later we went to the nail salon for some pampering. I cleaned all day in between that and got ready for the big party on Saturday.

There must have been 50 people at our house, OMG y'all, we couldn't even walk through the house, it was crowded...LOL! It was a great time, the new sofas survived, and the birthday kids got lots of gifts. The guests had lots of food and then we played family poker until about 2am...FUN TIMES!!!

Sunday was the day of rest...hahahahaha, well, except for poor Uncle Bubba, he had to work all day!

I missed Letters of Intent, so here it is, better late than never!!!

Letters of Intent

Dear 13 year old daughter,

You were such a surprise 13 years ago! I knew you were a girl the whole time I carried you because, well, a boy could not have made a pregnant mother more miserable...LOL! Fortunately, you made up for it with an easy delivery! Thank you so much for that! Then, you were a wonderful sleeper. Thank you again!!! I was so scared to have a girl and you turned me into a girly girl and I dressed you in all that pink and now, look at you, all 5'7", legs to your neck, that gorgeous hair, beautiful face, and that engineering brain. You are the tomboy every dad dreams of and the girl a mom can have girl fun with. You amaze us with your athletic ability and piss us the fuck right off with your "kiss my ass" attitude that your daddy, the infamous Uncle Bubba, taught you to have! Hard to parent, but proud of every day! Thank you for choosing me as your mother, I love you forever!!!

Aunt Crazy


  1. So glad you linked up! Don't worry, I don't grade anyone for tardiness. :)

    Great letter- describes your teenager perfectly and that teenager "attitude" to a "T".

    Happy Birthday to her!

  2. aww, Y, you made me have tears .... what a great letter :)