Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Hump Day Y'all

I said that on facebook once and my niece accused me of meaning something all freaknasty...LOL!

It's the middle of the week, what have y'all been up to? Me, well, we've had some junior high drama, I may blog about it soon, but I may not, I haven't decided yet. I lost control of my mind a few weeks back and agreed to have a joint birthday party at my house this Saturday.

LOST MY MIND, I tell ya!!! I don't know what I was thinking. We live in a mobile home (read: teeny tiny little bitty place) and are expecting no less than 20 people, prolly more to share that space. Having people over also meant lots of work and honey do lists.

I took a vacation day Friday to give the house a cleaning and to have those new sofas delivered. I figured, the last time we bought new sofas was the last time we had a birthday party at the house and that was when Girlkid turned 4, she's turning 13 this weekend. I deserve them, right y'all, RIGHT???

Boykid has been mowing and will be loading up old crap that has accumulated in our yard onto a trailer for being dumped.

Girlkid will be cleaning her room and helping me with the inside of the house.

Uncle Bubba is supposed to be hanging those new faux wood blinds I bought. It's only five windows, you'd think I've asked for his left nut or something!

The mechanic is supposed to be putting new parts on the a/c cuz they have died.

Not much of this stuff has been done yet, which is starting to freak me out. Oh and I have to cook, now, I'm new to the blog world, so y'all don't know me well yet, but I HATE TO COOK...I avoid it whenever possible. That's not to say I can't cook (well, there was that one time with the chili, but that's another post) cuz I can, I just HATE it with a passion!

Wish me luck and pray I survive this!!!

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