Thursday, October 15, 2009

The homecoming mum

So, Boykid has a date to the homecoming football game. This is a crazy football tradition and the kids love it and it's a BIG deal down here in south east Texas where Friday night football is a staple, especially in small towns. Now, don't get me wrong, I know nothing about football and can count on two hands the number of times I've been to a Friday night football game, including when I was on the Drill Team my freshman year of high school...LOL but it's still a big freakin deal around these parts.

Not his first date to a homecoming game and not our first mum purchase, however it was our first mum building experience. This year's date is a cheerleader and apparently they compete to see who has the biggest, bestest, greatest mum EVER! Long story short, ordered mum could not be ready by the time we needed it, so me, being the not so brilliant mom of the decade, said we can make one. Off we went to the craft store. Y'all, I'm not fucking crafty, I can't cook, I can't sew, I ain't crafty, WTF was I thinking???? This thing cost me more than twice what the one Boykid ordered and took a lot more time and effort.

Thank goodness we have the Girlkid! She flew through that craft store like nobody's business, loaded my cart with items, and had a plan for the gimongous thing before we even got inside the damn craft store. She did an AMAZING job, it's huge, it has tons and tons of ribbons, several cowbells, a whistle, names, hobbies, year, has so much shit that I've forgotten half of what all Girlkid put on the damn thing.

It is AWESOME!!!


  1. What a great job y'all did! I'm heading back to SE Texas tomorrow night to my high school's homecoming game (Go Indians!). In fact, the c/o 83 is having a mini-class reunion tailgate party prior to the game. The school I graduated from has a new stadium with the largest Jumbotron of any HS in the entire State of Texas..the entire state! One of our classmates is a regular extra on Friday Night Lights so she's bringing her Yankee husband to see what football is really about. By the looks of that mum, it would appear that your children attend the same school I did -- just different colors. Hope Boykid has an awesome time!

  2. Holy crap - that thing is bigger than her head! Looks good!