Friday, October 23, 2009

Letters of Intent (better late than never)

So, I'm late AGAIN, geez, sometimes I amaze myself with my forgetfulness. Letters of Intent is brought to us by Foursons, so if you feel like writing a letter, just grab her button, and post your blog. Don't forget to link up so we can all enjoy your letter.

Letters of Intent

Dear Work Wife and Work Husband,
I know I voluntarily left you both. That didn't mean that I wanted y'all to cheat on me with each other just cuz y'all are still together and I'm here at the corp office, so far away and lonely. So bite me you cheatin bitches...LOL!!!

The worst thing is I think y'all planned this, each of you encouraged me to make this move and now look, I'm gone and y'all are all hooking up without me...r u kiddin me???

See, I knew you'd be miserable without me but I never knew you'd sink to this level. The chatting, the pet names, the laughing, all of it, y'all are doing all of that without me. I'm so left out.

Then, today, well, today, I find out that work wife is playing the biggest, bestest prank EVER on the work husband and I'm not there to enjoy it. Now, I know the work wife is going to send me pictures, but it won't be the same. It just won't.

So, the work husband is off playing on vacation in Mexico, trying to kill his liver, the work wife is playing a HUGE ASS prank on him, and I'm sitting here in my cubicle all alone.

I heart y'all, you cheating bitches!!!

Aunt Crazy


  1. LMAO @ YOU......and let me remind you that YOUR WORK WIFE AND HUSBAND, BOTH are as miserable as you leave us with a PET ROCK and we are posed to be happy with THAT????? I think not!!! Soooooooooo, cook up some doctor's appointment or something and get your butt down here to help me do the following: we have a bloody hand and blood to hang from his filing cabinet....we are putting someone's else name over his in his parking spot....traci (the big boss) is making big bats out of foam board to hang from the ceiling and we are putting his, his bosses, and his counterparts pics on the faces of the bats...we are coloring his white broad (which takes up one whole wall in this office) black and hanging black and orange garland from it.....we have small skulls to hide all over his office and spiderweb spray to spray all over his office and traci is glueing a BIG OLE UGLY BIRD to the top of his hard get here and HELP ME!

  2. OK, I admit. I didn't understand this at first until I read the comment above. At first I thought your hubby was cheating on you and you were making a joke out of it! Thank goodness that's not the case. Whew! I think you need to give the Corp. office a boot and head on back to where the fun is!

    Thanks for linking up, love your letter!

  3. LOL. Love this letter. In my line of work, there are rarely men...I wish I had a work husband.

  4. I suggest you take your work wife's advice and get sick that day ....