Friday, October 2, 2009

Letters of Intent

Being new to all this blogging is fun and all but that won't stop me from taking advantage of the professionals y'all and following their lead on some things. Today, I'm following Foursons with her Letters of Intent Friday!

Letters of Intent

Dear daily horoscope email,

Each day I read my horoscope that you send me via email and most of the time I laugh and forget about it, but this week, you are freakin me the fuck out! Seriously, what has gotten into you??? Can you not just email me something lighthearted and fun? Something I can enjoy, giggle about, and move on about my day? Apparently not this week and I just don't get it, I don't!

This is what my horoscope week has consisted of. I'm a Virgo in case I forgot to mention it.

09/29/09 - What you do and say are being watched and heard by those who would take advantage of any weakness if they could. Be cautious.
10/01/09 - Don't risk your own credibility by promoting an idea you don't believe in. Focus on those things that mean the most to you.
10/02/09 - You may be unwittingly involved in a situation not of your making but that affects you in both direct and peripheral ways.

Oh and WTF is up with skipping the 30th? Did you not have anything freaky to tell me or did you want me to wait in suspense trying to figure out what it should have said that day?

Now, I'm feeling paranoid and looking around at everyone I know and even those I don't, thinking to myself that they are watching me, listening too closely to my thoughts, and waiting for the affects of this stuff to show its face.

Daily horoscope email...LEAVE ME BE!!!

Aunt Crazy y'all


  1. Oh my goodness! Maybe you should stay in bed for a week and wait out these horoscopes until the new ones come in. And seriously? They skipped the 30th? It that some bad omen or what?

    So glad you linked up and called me a "professional!" I'll take that and allow it to inflate my head for 2 days!

  2. I'm thinking a week in bed would be best...can you work that out for me???

    Don't bang your head on anything...hahahaha

  3. LOL at this. I can't believe the 30th was skipped. Great letter.

  4. Thanks and nice to "meet" you Kmama.

  5. I'm working on that week off in bed thing for you. Give me a day or two, okay?

  6. Sweet, I'll be waiting patiently...which is so not possible for a Virgo like myself...LOL