Friday, October 16, 2009

Letters of Intent

Finally Friday and it's time for Letters of Intent, hosted by Foursons. If you want to join in, grab the button from her blog and link up, it's fun times all around y'all!!!

Dear check engine light,
Please, please, please, I'm begging you, GO AWAY! Seriously, you are driving me insane. The mechanic cleared you away, saying you were not important, yet you came back on to haunt me. This is torture. You light up, then turn off, then light up for days, then turn off for weeks, now, you've been on all week. This week, when my inspection sticker has expired, you've been on and will not go away. My inspection can not be completed with you all lit up like the Fourth of July.

PLEASE, please, please, please, GO AWAY you stubborn little engine light!!!

Much love,
Aunt Crazy


  1. Oh man... I totally hear ya! My little "check fuel cap" light is psychotic. And I have a man who knows how to work on cars... this has stumped him. But I am THROUGH pulling over and jumping out of my car to try to twist the cap in a million ways, LOL.

    Hope your car makes up its mind soon... sorry!

  2. OMG...I completely forgot about that broken gas gauge that causes every passenger to tell me that I need to get fuel...LOL!!!

  3. Ugh! That sounds so frustrating. I hate car problems. Hopefully the day you go to get your inspection is the day he decides to have and "off" day. ;)

  4. Sometimes I think cars are the devil!! I swear sometimes I can almost hear my car thinking, "You may have the keys, but I'm the one calling the shots!" Good luck with that inspection!

  5. Did you know they can take that fuse out? I didn't, but my uncle did and he took it out so mine would go off PERMANENTLY because nothing was ever wrong. I had a super sensitive light that would even go off even for low windshield washer fluid. SO FREAKING ANNOYING! Good luck with the sticker thing!

  6. Oh how funny! When my check engine light came on I freaked out. And turns out it was for good reason. That stinks that it just likes to flash at you.

    I hope you can find the fuse like Lisa said and go get the car inspected. :)

    Thanks for linking up, love your letter!

  7. First time visitor and thoroughly enjoyed your little letter!! Would love to come back and read more!

    ~ Jennifer

  8. Girl, do you by any chance have a Mazda? My check engine light in both my Mazdas would come on for any variety of reasons-the gas cap was screwed on tight enough, the tire pressure changed because of the weather, it just felt like it-and me being single and a freak would run to the Mazda dealership and cry every time. It's on right now. I figure it's the tire thing again.

  9. Welcome booklover1212!!! Your comment made me smile.

    Candance...NOPE, I drive a Bad bowtie (Chevy), it's a Trailblazer, that thing is trying to kill me I swear, but the bank wouldn't give me financing on that Dodge Charger I wanted a month or so ago!!!

  10. ok....wifey...remember my check engine light??? and I FAILED THE INSPECTION and had to drive my car 50 or 60 miles before they would retest it for the inspection.....AND IT TOOK ME 3 MONTHS TO DRIVE 50 or 60 miles....TRUST ME....GET IT FIXED BEFORE YOU GO FOR THE INSPECTION, but you drive 50 or 60 miles in what 1/2 a day???? lol