Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meltdown of epic proportions

Teenage girls are the devil, I'm sure of it!!!

Last night, boykid and I had a fight about his grades. Girlkid was waiting to go get a new pair of shoes. Finally, we all leave. She had been in the bedroom watching tv while the fighting was going on.

Store number one, she can't find anything she likes. Off to store number two, she finds a pair...YAY, right??? HELL NO, this can't be that easy! OMG...apparently, boykid and I didn't offer enough enthusiasm about HER shoes, so she stormed off and put the shoes back. I had already offered to take her to store number three because she herself didn't seem all that enthused with the shoes. We walk down to store number three, only to see that they do not even sell the brand of shoes she was looking for. During this time, she's crying and whining that because we had a fight, we ruined HER night because she'd had to wait TWO WHOLE DAYS to get these shoes and apparently, because boykid and I didn't encourage her to buy those other shoes, we were ruining her entire life, like we always do...WTF.

Did I mention that teenage girls are the devil?

We go back to store number two, buy the shoes, go to dinner. OMG...more freaking crying and carrying on and teenage girls are the devil, I tell you, the DEVIL!!!

I was NEVER EVER so glad to get home, so they would go to their rooms and I could have a little bit of peace.

And just in case I forgot to mention, teenage girls are the devil!!!!!

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  1. Yes they are hormonal mental schizophrenics with no hearts that know every damn thing in the world. You probably left the house thinking what a nice evening you'll have, go shopping with your kids, take them for a bite to eat ... nice happy family. Then the MEENAGER had to go and shit all over it! We are the good one's Y, I know we are. They are going to look back when they are older and feel bad for days like these. I'm surprised you took her back to store #2 to get the damn shoes (I would have too) but I would sooo love the strength to not give in after crap like that! Rough couple days with my own meenager if you couldn't tell .... I hope she likes her shoes! lol.