Tuesday, October 20, 2009

True Story Tuesday

It's that time again y'all, time for True Story Tuesday, brought to you and me by the lovely Rachel and Mr. Daddy. This is fun and I enjoy thinking up stories to post. If you'd like to join in, just head on over to their blog, grab the button, link up, and post your own True Story. This week's theme is embarrassing moments, hmmm...lemme think...got one!!! Are y'all ready??? I never cease to amaze myself with my own embarrassing moments...LOL

This is more than one embarrassing moment, but they ALL both car related, so I'll tell them so y'all can laugh at me!

     About 8 years ago, I had just started in a new position and I didn't know anyone. I had to go to another building onsite to get mail each day and this day was HOT HOT HOT like it's known to be down here in Texas, you know so fucking hot you wish you were deady HOT HOT HOT. Sooo, me and my brilliance, leave the car running, while I run in and out. Well, little did I know that I had accidentally locked my keys in the car while it was RUNNING y'all...OMG!!! I then had to march back inside, ask a woman that I barely knew to help me because Uncle Bubba would not bring me his keys to my car. This woman later became my work wife, but that day, I was just the proverbial "new girl" bothering her all the time with my lack of knowledge. She laughed, with me I've told myself all these years, and called her work buddy to come help me. He jimmied the window to get the doors unlocked and I was so relieved.
     Another time, waaaaaaaay back, I locked my keys in that same car, while parked at the #1 gas pump in our pissant town on a Monday morning. It sat there for about 3 hours while I waited for roadside service.
     Another time, in a different car, I locked my newborn inside the car at my Granny's house. In this car, I locked the keys in the truck. That cost me $47.50 for a locksmith.
     Another time, well, TWICE actually, I left my SUV running for HOURS in a parking spot at work, and NOT on purpose!!! This didn't cost me anything but embarrassment.

See y'all, I have issues...LOL!!! What is it with me and cars???

Aunt Crazy


  1. oops, we had a theme?

    Omg, I'm still laughing that you left your car running on accident. that is funny shit and I'd be so confused getting back to my car after work and it was still running. I'd probably assume someone was trying to steal it.

    How long was (girlkid or boykid?) locked in the car? I never heard that story either, rofl.

  2. It was the girlkid that I locked in the car, she was about 2 months old, and she was in there maybe an hour...I was freaking out, my Granny was laughing at me, and her neighbor, the locksmith, was rescuing my kid from her mother.

  3. OMG....I remember when that happened and you were the "new cogen girl next door"......8 years ago...lol. I was laughing at your ass then and I am still laughing at your ass today :)

  4. Too funny - especially after your last Letter of Intent about the check engine light!

    One of my biggest fears is my kid getting locked in the car. And it's bound to happen someday with how much he likes to sneak out and play in the driver's seat!

    At leat you got to meet a good friend because of locking yourself out of your car, right? :)

  5. I am a key-locking chick too! They should just invent fingerprint locks already. Sheesh. I couldn't tell you the times I locked myself out. Thankfully no children were involved. I would have probably had a heart attack right then and there!

  6. I have locked both my younger boys in the car. Once in the summer in TX (which you clearly stated how HOT it gets) and once during the winter (so it was only kind of HOT). I was so happy when they both were able to unlock the car door all on their own. And this is a frequent problem with me too. (Maybe it's the TX heat!)