Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

These are some of the pics I took on my trip to Alaska in September 2008. It was BEAUTIFUL and a ton of fun. Coming home to face Hurricane Ike, not so much fun.


  1. One word - beautiful! The bottom one looks like it could be a NatGeo screensaver.

    And on an Ike note - my parents just finished replacing their roof yesterday from Ike's wrath.

  2. That's beautiful. My husband has always wanted to go to Alaska. Me, I'm afraid of the bears.

  3. I bet your favorite part trip (besides having to buy a winter jacket) was your lay-over in Calgary!!!! :)

  4. was gorgeous and Ike gave us a new roof too.

    Michelle, that bear in the pic was RIGHT beside us walking on a trail. There is NO ZOOM on that pic at all, she was "up close and personal!!!"

    Stacy...of course the best part was the Calgary airport, I got to see YOU and meet your baby girl!

  5. Wow...GORGEOUS! That state is one of the state's on my "must see" list. Or Bucket list- whichever floats your boat.