Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year y'all

We went to the deer lease New Year's Eve, arrived there about 10pm, just in time to hang by the fire until midnight. It was a cold 45 degrees with a killer wind but we survived it! We spent the rest of the long weekend at the deer lease. Our son was in East Texas with a friend hunting pigs and fishing, so we started the new year with only one of our kids, but since Boykid is nearly 17, I figure most of our year will be spent without him cuz he has a life of his own and all.

I don't really ever make resolutions but I would like to set some goals for 2010.

  • Eat healthier, cut out the Dr. Pepper, attempt to get in some kind of excercise, and take my prescriptions daily instead of sporadically.
  • Work hard to keep my GPA up at Univ of Phoenix.
  • Take a cruise with just the four of us. 
  • Get some money into a savings account.  
Now that I've written them down for the internet to see, maybe, just maybe, I'll manage to find some willpower somewhere, right y'all????


  1. I decided this year that resolutions were a big NO-NO and was going the way of the goal. Resolutions say you're changing something and if you don't then, well you just suck. Goals, in my humble but correct opinion, are something you strive to achieve and if you don't get there, well hell just keep trying! Good luck with your goals and Happy New Year!

    PS: love love love the rx one - might have to steal that one!

    PSS: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! my word verification was know like "fat and all". My thighs say thanks.

  2. omg...i cracked up out loud in my cubicle and people stared at me when i read "fat and all" omg those word verifications are funny sometimes.

  3. I'm with you on your first goal. 'Cept it's the Coke (the drinkable kind, not the snortable kind) that I'm s'posed to be cutting back on. Not cutting out, just cutting back.