Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A little funny about my mother in law

She went to the store to get an MP3 player for my son for Christmas. While she was there, she was also getting something for my daughter. The sales guy asks if he can help. She shows him the MP3 she wants to buy and tells him she also needs some Looney Toones. He says great and gets the MP3 and takes her to the DVD section to show her the Looney Toones movies they have available. She looks at him like he's crazy and says my granddaughter is 13, she doesn't want THIS she wants some Looney Toones. He looks at her like she is crazy and says ma'am THESE are the only Looney Toones we have. She looks him dead in the eye and says my how is my granddaughter supposed to get music to her iPod from these videos??? Immediate clarity strikes the sales guy and he says ma'am did you mean iTunes????



  1. OMG, I can barely type from the laughing. That is so awesome!

  2. That's so funny! But I feel her pain. I once asked the cute guy at Best Buy for the Black-Eyed Peas CD "Monkey Kisses" instead of "Monkey Business"...Katie Scarlett could have died right then and there.

  3. OMG...Queen hahahaha My sister in law went to buy a CD for her daughter several years ago. The sales guy could tell she was having issues, he asked to help, she told him she needed a CD called RIPPED for her daughter...he looked at her funny and said ma'am do you mean TORN...LMFAO