Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday AGAIN, they just keep coming back

We went out of town Saturday for my nephew's 21st birthday party. We loaned my truck to my neice because her's was giving her some trouble. Saturday, we drive 4 hours there, stay about 4 hours, drive 4 hours back home. Well, Uncle Bubba did all that driving, but that's just cuz he's all control freaky and refuses to ride with anyone, at all, EVER, so HA, suit yourself Uncle Bubba and drive me around everywhere we go like your my bitch or something...LOL

Anyway, Sunday, we're being lazy, watching tv, doing nothing, when the neice calls. I knew something was wrong but answered anyway. The front license plate has been missing from my Trailblazer for more than 6 months. Of course, I realized that the damn thing was missing right after I paid for new registration so I didn't bother to get new ones and have to pay again. A state trooper pulled her over because of that y'all...r u kiddin me???

Well, come to find out, she has a suspended license...BUT he was going to be "kind" to her and only give her a ticket for that IF someone could come and get her and drive my truck back home. So, Uncle Bubba and I drive to get her, a little over an hour away, then I drive it back home.

My niece, nephew, and their parents have the worst luck ever. My inspection has been expired since September (until this last Friday anyway) and I drive like a bat out of hell, speeding everywhere I go and I haven't been pulled over once for that or the license plate. I get the damn thing inspected finally and she gets pulled over about the stupid license plate...if it ain't for bad luck, they ain't got no luck, right y'all???


  1. You should sit in the back seat and tell him he's Driving Miss Daisy.

  2. When I moved to LA That Man told me I was going to have to pay sales tax again on my car to register it here. HUH? Well, I put it off as long as I could because hellfire after losing $7,400 in salary/vacation and then spending another $3,500 to move I had NO money. I finally get my car registered and I didn't have to pay sales tax ~ only a registration fee based on the year of the car and where I lived, which was about $265. Anywooo...that was in July and I still haven't gotten it inspected because some numb nut who was supposed to be looking at my a/c did something to my lights and I only have high beams now. Since I go back & forth to Texas so much I took off the expired Texas inspection sticker so now I have no sticker in the lower left of my window. Oh and guess how much I have to pay for my license plate? $20...EVERY TWO YEARS! I had to pay $68.50 in Texas. For the same car!

  3. LOL! My hubby won't let me drive anywhere either... and he's the one with speeding tickets and multiple car accidents. Whatever floats his boat. He can be my chauffeur. I know I'll be driving his old arse around one day.

  4. tHAT is funny. My Hubbs always has to drive. He claims I suck.