Monday, January 4, 2010

My very first blog award...WOW y'all!!!

Imagine my surprise when I had a message from Queen that she had given me an award...r u kidding me??? I was so excited I nearly peed my pants...WOW!!! My very first ever blog award, AWESOME!!! I heart you Queen! Queen comments on nearly every one of my posts and that makes me HAPPY! I love reading her blog! I'll try harder to post more often just for you Queen!!!


The rules are simple:
  1. Grab the button
  2. Post it on your blog with 5 things you LOVE to do
  3. Pass it on to 5 people you want to recognize
So, the five things I love to do...
  1. I love reading blogs. I must have eleventy billon saved in my favorites. It's almost an obsession. Seriously, y'all, I may need an intervention at some point.
  2. I love reading books. Just like Queen, real books for me please. I just can't quite get into reading books online or on some electronic gadget.
  3. I love music. All kinds of music. Anything from Johnny Horton, to George Strait, to P!nk, to Flo Rida. I just love music. I can't wait to fill up my new iPod Touch with EVERY single song I fun!!!
  4. I love watching my kids play sports. It's been great watching them learn and grow and excel. At times, it's been an exhausting ride, but I wouldn't change it.
  5. I love taking pictures. I wish I was better at it and I wish I had time to learn the details about every feature of my DSLR that I love so much.
Passing along the blog bling...I will probably end up seeming like a stalker to some of these bloggers because I have been reading them for so long but rarely (if ever) comment and I just started "following" some of them. I promise y'all, I'm NOT a crazy stalker person, I just enjoy your blogs and seriously just realized that commenting and following were the "norm"! LOL

  1. Stacy over at Coffee Table for Two has been my online friend since sometime in 2000. We have actually met in person several times and I heart her and she hearts me and we heart each other. She's new to blogging, like me, but she's so funny and sharp and she really is a great writer. I heart you Stacy!!!
  2. The Pregnant Bitch, her blog is awesome and truthful and made me realize that even though my kids are grown, I'm not the only mother in the world that felt the way I did sometimes when they were younger and hell, sometimes even now. I can't even remember how I found it, but when I did, I remember spending a ton of time (at work LOL) going back and reading her entire archive list. It was refreshing.
  3. Stephanie Snow, I enjoyed her former blog and followed her to her new blog. I haven't bought her book yet, but I will and I know I'll love it. I love reading her posts.
  4. Who Put Me In Charge Of These People??? is a great blog that I love reading. I can't remember how I found it or if I've ever commented but I love that she talks about Texas in a way that is real Texas and her honesty is admirable. I love this blog.
  5. Brandi, over at My Three Bubs, has a great blog. She's married to an Uncle Bubba too, so how could she not be full of AWESOME!!! LOL I think I found her from a Letter of Intent or True Story Tuesday link but I'm so glad I did. I love her posts.
I'm not a stalker y'all, even if I haven't commented or followed you, I have been reading for awile and even though I answer to and call myself Aunt Crazy, really, I promise, I'm so NOT crazy. Well, not all the time anyway! Have fun y'all!!!


  1. Congrats on your FIRST bloggy award and a big ol' Texas 'thanks y'all' for passing it to me (did I ever tell you I grew up in Texas?)!

    Oh, and I don't think you're crazy or a stalker... ahem. ;) Have a great week!