Thursday, January 21, 2010

Playing catch up

I think I caught up on reading the blogs I love so much though I didn't have time to comment on each and every one. I'm caught up at work and at school. Now, I just need to get back to blogging regularly. Last Friday, I was supposed to work half day then have lunch with my work wife, then take Girlkid to her doctor appointment. I ended up taking a whole vacation day, getting my oil changed, tires rotated, lunch with the work wife, and taking Girlkid to her doc appt. She got released to play sports after having ligament repair surgery back on November 30th. She was soooo happy!!! Saturday, she and I went shopping, and then met Uncle Bubba at my uncle's house for my uncle's birthday. I got him two funny t-shirts. One said "I'm too goodlooking to be this old" and the other said "Let's flip a coin. Heads I get tail, tails I get head" HAHAHAHA!!! On Sunday, Girlkid went to see a movie with my mom and aunt and when I dropped her off, my uncle was actually wearing the flip a coin shirt...gotta love it!!! I went to a baby shower for Pickle Mama and then picked up Girlkid. I went to sleep about 10:30pm and at 12:30am woke up vomitting and that lasted until 6am. I spent Monday afternoon and Tuesday wishing for Uncle Bubba to not be sick so he could take me to the pasture and shoot me and then bury me with his first and favorite cow, MooCow, but he was too sick to move too, so I suffered through it. Wednesday and today I've been much better, back at work, and playing catch up!


  1. Sorry you were sick but am cracking up at you wishing Uncle Bubba would stay well enough to bury you in the pasture. That's flippin' hilarious. Glad you're back to business as usual...or should I say BUSYness.

  2. That coin flip shirt is hilarious. My hubs would love that.