Monday, January 11, 2010

Short & Sweet on a Monday

My neice gave Uncle Bubba the BEST gift ever given to a redneck man, EVER Y'all and I mean the best gift EVER. Uncle Bubba is a redneck, conservative, Republican through and through. A man who hollers "LIBERAL" at me in the most blasphemous tone you can imagine. I try to tell him that I'm conservatively liberal but he tells me that is an oxymoron and calls me LIBERAL again...LOL Uncle Bubba is a fellow who since the oil field work went down the drain, has used EVERY opportunity to tell not only our children but anyone who will listen that we can't do this and they can't have that because we are on the "Obama Budget" yep, you got it, Uncle Bubba coined a new phrase. He claims we are broke and on the "Obama Budget" and we can't have any fun because of it.

So, our niece gave him a GREAT gift. The Obama Chia Pet y'all, yes, she did and not only did she have the ENTIRE family stop what they were doing to watch him open it, it was wrapped in Tinkerbell paper...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Merry Christmas Uncle Bubba!!!!!!


  1. Well as little as I know about American politics and who's right and who's wrong (you're probably right), that's still funny as hell.

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I knew I liked that Uncle Bubba! Yeah, we're on the 'Obama budget' too! I MUST get one of those for Daddy Bub! :)

  3. That is beautiful. My son would actually love it since he says that next to Abraham Lincoln, Barack is his favorite president. He would love it and make it grow so pretty.

  4. Well that's a little better than some phrases my husband uses. At least you can type them and let people read them.

    I would totally give him a chia mohawk.

  5. Stacy…of course I’m right, I’m always right, didn’t you already know that???!!!???

    Brandi…forgot the best part of him calling me liberal, me saying I’m conservatively liberal, him saying that’s an oxymoron and calling me liberal again...after that is where I always yell at him that I vote Republican so suck it and voting his way makes me not a liberal even if I am a teeny tiny bit liberal…LOL

    Candance…I can totally see your Max grooming his Obama chia pet and loving it with all of his little being!

    Michelle…Uncle Bubba said he’d grow that chia pet just as soon as he puts a hole in the forehead…LMFAO