Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sorry y'all

I've been's been awful, hubby got it too and we were both sick. I'm back to work today, trying to catch up on the blogs and school and work and all that mess...I promise I'll be back soon. I'm sorry Queen...I have really really been trying to post a lot more often, JUST FOR YOU...LOL


  1. You just totally made me snort and laugh out loud! When I saw you pop up in my reader I thought to myself oh good she's back. You have to read my 2 posts yesterday ~ waayy cool and they're about a band from Texas.

  2. Welcome back. Hope you and the hubbs are feeling better.


  3. Oh no! Sorry to hear y'all are sick. I hope your hubby didn't get the 'man flu.' Mine gets it EVERY time he's sick. LOL! Feel better soon! ;)

  4. Feel better soon! Sick husbands are worse than sick kids. Much bigger babies.