Tuesday, January 12, 2010

True Story Tuesday - embarrassing moments

Rachel told a hilarious embarrassing story about her childhood, so I thought I'd share an hilarious embarrassing about my young adulthood...LOL Head on over to Once Upon A Miracle, grab the button, post your true story and link up.

Many many many years ago, I spent all day long cooking chili. The boykid was just a little baby and Uncle Bubba was out working that day. I followed the directions and I tasted it throughout the afternoon and everything seemed to be going just fine with my homecooked chili. Uncle Bubba comes in from work and I make him a big ole bowl of chili. He goes into the bedroom to eat while he watches tv and I made myself a bowl and sat down at the table. I took my first bite and OMG y'all, that was the nastiest shit I ever tasted. I went into the bedroom to find Uncle Bubba trying to swallow bite after bite. He was going to eat that nasty shit so as not to hurt my feelings. I told him it didn't taste good, why was he eating it, and asked if he wanted a sandwich. He jumped up and begged for a sandwich...LOL!!!

The worst is yet to come y'all...

Uncle Bubba took that whole pot of chili out to the dogs to eat and a WEEK later, we had to throw it in the pasture. It was so nasty the dogs wouldn't eat it. Uncle Bubba likes to tell this story and he always adds, those dogs would have eaten turnip greens if we fed it to them, but they damn sure wouldn't touch that chili!!!


  1. HAHAHA! OMW, I am laughing my butt off this a.m.! Thanks for the giggle!

  2. Omg, it must have been bad if the dogs won't touch it...after all, don't dogs eat their own vomit? ;)

  3. Did you ever figure out why it tasted bad? We still laugh at my sister's first attempt at making mashed potatoes (from a box mind you)and she thought it said 6 cups of SALT in water....bahahahahaha!

  4. Oh my gosh, what in the world went wrong? Did the wildlife go for it after you threw it in the pasture?

  5. LOL... I used to get frustrated with Itty Bit when he wouldn't eat the peas baby food. Then I put it down for the dogs and THEY wouldn't touch it.

    What on earth happened? Did someone sneak a bunch of garlic in it or what?

    And that man of yours was being pretty darn sweet (I know these things, because my man has a certain look when he's choking down something I'm hoping is edible, LOL)

    Great TST!

  6. by the way - your Crazy Texas Mommy button on the sidebar - kicks you over to some kind of Beach Body website???

  7. LOL!! So did you ever figure out what it was that made it taste so nasty?