Tuesday, January 26, 2010

True Story Tuesday

True Story Tuesday is BACK...woohoo!!!! Head on over to Mr. Daddy and Rachel's place, read about Rachel being a BAD BAD girl, grab the button, post your TST, and link up...it's fun times for everyone!!!

I'm going to follow the lead of Emily and tell a short story about boobies...LOL

I come from a family of HUGE HUGE HUGE boobies, and yep Emily, we too refer to them as boobs or boobies, hell sometimes we even call them titties...LOL Most likely, this means, parenting: FAIL but who cares, boobies is a fun word...hahaha!!!

So, I too HAD ginormous boobies, until about 3 years ago when I had them chopped off...ROFL. So, today you get two stories in one! LOL

First, when Girlkid was about 3 years old, she was obsessed with boobies and having boobies and wearing pretty little toddler bras. So much so that she sat on Santa's lap that year and asked him to give her boobies for Christmas. I'm so NOT kidding!!!

Then, the day I was having my breast reduction, in bible class they had a daily prayer request. Boykid says he wants to add me to the list. The teacher, of course, asks why. He tells her that I'm having surgery. She, being the nosy busy bodied bitch that she was, would NOT leave him alone about telling her what type of surgery I was having. Now y'all, I was having a hysterectomy AND the breast reduction, so the Boykid, he had OPTIONS, but instead, he was frustrated with her, so he yelled out, "SHE IS HAVING HER BOOBS CHOPPED OFF!!!" Again, I'm so NOT kidding!!!

OHOHOH...I know I said two for one, but here's a third that I just remembered...Boykid took this opportunity to tell me that at his small private school (the kids no longer go there) all the moms were paying to have BIGGER BOOBIES, but not his mom, she was paying to have itty bitty titties!!! Yep, you guessed it, I'm so NOT kidding!!!


  1. just to clarify - the stories, not the actual boobs. muahahahahahaha!

  2. Queen...so you don't think my itty bitty titties are hilarious? HAHAHAHA!!!

    As any Aunt Crazy would, I tend to show my new boobies to anyone and everyone...LOL

  3. I love asking Santa for boobies. That's hilarious!

  4. I'm wondering how many times Foursons has asked Santa for boobies....ROFL

  5. MISTER DADDY! For shame!

    Sorry Aunt Crazy - he knows he's not allowed to leave comments with the word "boobies" in them... hee hee

    I would have died laughing if my kid had asked Santa for boobies. As it was, he asked for a gun, so I guess I was embarrassed enough.

    And girl, I was totally traumatized the first time you mentioned "chopping my boobies off"... LOL!

    These were just too funny!

  6. And by the way... Santa sucks.

    He never brought me any either...