Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The baby of the family

My niece found this pup and brought him home. My sister in law was not happy and was going to give him away. We decided to bring him home. He thinks he's a person, not a dog. My nephew named him Pancho Villa and he's a messicanredneckdogperson...LOL Uncle Bubba carried him to the vet for his shots and stuff. The vet said he'd probably be about 30 pounds and had some Boxer in him. His next visit, he weighed in at 35 lbs and she said well, maybe he'll be about 40 lbs. His recent visit weighs him in at a full grown nearly 60 lb dog with more Pit than Boxer, but a bit of both. He's a GREAT dog.

I call this one good Pancho.

I call this one bad Pancho.

I call this one sweet Pancho.

That is Pancho giving kisses to his girlfriend, a stray cat we named Lefty.
Pancho & Lefty had a love affair.

This is what King Pancho does daily when he gets to work with Uncle Bubba.

That is Pancho & Boykid sharing a Cheeto.

This is Pancho napping with Girlkid.

Pancho really believes he's a person, see how he sleeps on a pillow.

Pancho likes to drive.

Pancho telling Uncle Bubba to get off his pillow...LOL

That slightly dark patch on his chest, the Boykid calls Pancho's Batman symbol.

This dog goes to work with Uncle Bubba every day. If Papa leaves before Uncle Bubba and doesn't bring Pancho home, then Pancho gets mad and does mean things to Papa like take a Pancho sized shit on Papa's case of cokes. Pancho will save old food and bring it to people to trade for their fresh food. Pancho shit in my shoe once because he was mad at me. Pancho just ate Girlkid's shoe last week because she apparently pissed him the fuck off but we still don't know what she did to him but he was good and mad cuz he tore that shoe to pieces. That was the first time in a LONG time he's done anything destructive. Pancho is about 60 lbs but believes that he is either a person or a very small, petite, 5 lbs lap dog. He's very spoiled and we tell Boykid and Girlkid that we like Pancho better than we like them...LMFAO


  1. Awww He's Cute (minus the shitting on & eating shoes)!

  2. I tell my kids the same thing. I'd also tell them that I was going to run away and join the zoo, 'cause it was quieter and smelled better.

  3. A dog with attitude: what a concept...ROFL

  4. What an awesome dog! Love his "personality".

  5. It's so awesome to see how much you guys care about that pooch. Very cool.