Friday, February 26, 2010

Letters of Intent

I really didn't think I had anything to bitch about this week then Girlkid called me from school and I got pissed off about something that has been pissing me off over and over again since Boykid started school and he's now a junior. So, head on over to Julie's place, grab the button from the sidebar, post your letters, and link up.

Dear school district idiots,
My husband has been living in this pissant town for dang near 35 years. You know us, you know my kids, and while I understand there are "rules" for a reason, a little bit of common sense should be able to be used in some situations. Specifically, I'm talking about lunch money. Seriously people, a school lunch is what, $3.50 maybe $4.00? Do you honestly think I'm going to pack up and move away because I owe the school $10 fucking dollars or less? Is it really necessary to take a FULL lunch tray from a student and tell them they have no money in their lunch account, so they can't eat today? Fucking SERIOUSLY??? I mean, don't get me wrong, I know it's my fault and I watched my mother of the year award fly away as I took my daughter's call today and remembered that she'd told me last night that she needed money. I know that there's this fancy online system and I even get the emails saying that my kid's account is getting low, but I'm a busy momma, with a full time job, a full time school schedule myself, a busy wife, and I have two teenagers. So sometimes, the very last thing on my mind is writing a check for lunch at 5:15am in the morning. I have had this argument with the school and this discussion with people many times over the last decade that I have had kids in school. I get it, the school needs the lunch money and I get that there are some parents that would allow their kids to school all year to eat and never ever pay what they owe. I am not that parent and AGAIN it's ONE DAY of lunch. If a kid doesn't have lunch money for several days then fine, don't let them eat anymore "free" food, call their parents, have an ADULT conversation about the situation, but to tell my kid at lunch time that she can't eat today??? FUCKING SERIOUSLY??? I had to ask Uncle Bubba to leave work and take her food or money so she could eat. She gets up at 6:30am, starts school at 8:45am, and gets out of school at 4pm. She has a LONG day and she's a mean ass bitch when she's hungry.

Aunt Crazy who is pissed off at the lunch lady A-fucking-GAIN


  1. Seriously? Nothing like shaming a kid in front of their the teenage years aren't hard enough. And $4 for a lunch they buy in bulk from Sysco is crazy...are they trying to make up the difference between the reduced or free lunches distributed and the full-price students? I'm with you...harass me to no end but do not mess with my kid. At least you wrote this -- I would have started with the superintendent and then worked my way down. By the time I got to the cafeteria manager they would have been catering AND delivering 3 meals a day to my house just to shut me up.

  2. WOW! That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! My daughter uses her account to get milk and sometimes we go in the negative but they still allow her to get milk. I would complain to the school board about that crap! Besides that isn't it kinda important for a kid to have food so their brain can work and learn. And to take the tray away after she already had the food in front of her...I'd be fired up! I am fired up!!

  3. Sic Leiah on them! That's absolute bullshit. I always forget to give the kids lunch money and I've never had that happen (or at least my kids never told me about it, which is possible, too). Send lunch money in pennies for the whole week next week. Let the lunch lady count that shit!

  4. I've had this argument with the schools for years. They do not care. In elementary, they will offer the kids PB&J but my weird ass kids don't eat that...LOL In jr high and high school, nothing, it's insanity.

  5. Our school system will give the kids pb&j too. At least it's SOMETHING to eat. In TX I think it may actually be illegal to give them nothing at all. Not sure about that though. I'd be really upset about that too. And seriously- $4 for lunch? That's expensive!

    Thanks for trying to link up. I'm waiting on the MckLinky guy to get back to me.

  6. OK the post got my political ire up, and I can get mean and ugly on my soap box..LOL the money that is wasted on STUPID crap in the school system, and they can't even spring for grace for a day?????

    But after reading the comments I realized that there are some meaner badder people ROFL

    All I can say is YOU GO GIRLS.......

  7. P.S.
    My W.V. was dinglike: definition, school lunch monitors..... LOL

  8. Dude, I would cut a bitch. Seriously. At least they give us PB&J, too at Grace's school, but nothing? Yeah, they'd hear me coming before they saw me down at the school.