Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi Gras Y'all

Saturday night we went to the Mardi Gras in Galveston, TX. We went with another couple, as a matter of fact, the four of us went last year too. I'd love to go to the REAL Mardi Gras over in New Orleans, but I'll take what I can get! Here is a photo journal of the night.


Here we are just after we arrived.

Aunt Crazy and Uncle Bubba

S & M (hahahaha)

Here are some complete strangers that I took pictures of. I couldn't help myself y'all...

Yes, that dude was dressed up like a PIG

Uncle Bubba took my pic with him and his friends,  but Uncle Bubba used his camera not mine and hasn't given me the pics yet. Oh and he took a picture of some dude taking a piss on the sidewalk right beside us. OHOHOH and there was a girl dipping, yes, tobacco, she had a big ole dip in her lip and her guy was KISSING her with that in her mouth. Can we all say YUCK WTF???

Look at the BALLS on that chick...LOL

S had to have his pic taken with this pretty lady, yep another damn stranger but he liked her boobies...LOL

S with boobies and a few drinks in him

It takes all kind y'all, all kinds...LOL

The beads, the hat...I cracked up!

These innocent people were like do we know that bitch taking our picture, I said NOPE, they then posed for me...LOL  

After a few drinks, I guess S thought he was gonna grab a boobie...what is it with Mardi Gras and boobies??? At least S was grabbing M's boobie cuz she's his wife...LOL

Now, the fun shit, cuz Aunt Crazy got her drunk on y'all...Uncle Bubba encouraged it and then photographed it...the bastard...LOL
I think at this point M was supposed to be helping me to the bathroom, but instead she was taking advantage of my partaking in the adult beverage and taking crazy photos of me and showing the internet my double chin.

The hat was cool, some stranger loaned it to me and then took my picture with my own camera...interesting what a drunk person will do.

I liked her hat and again my FRIEND M taking advantage of my drunken foolishness with photographic evidence. Oh and aren't your friends and loved ones supposed to tell you when you're having a bad hair day???

This guy was so cool, I couldn't resist taking a picture with him. His glasses had blinking lights on them. Oh and yes, that is an Ozarka bottle filled with Margarita in my hand...LOL

Uncle Bubba and I after SEVERAL adult beverages. I'm not sure but I think he was trying to have his way with me...LOL
GOOD LORD look at my fucking fat ass fingers...geez

S & M after S had waaaaaay too much to drink...LOL

OH OHOHOHOHOH...Mr. Daddy...this is JUST FOR YOU....BEEWBIES...hahahahahaha

YES there is a real picture of real boobies below this line of text...


This chick was trying to get some beads by showing her boobies and she damn near hit me in the face with them as I was walking by, so I took a picture of them...LOL Again, what is it with Mardi Gras and boobies

We had a fantastic time. Uncle Bubba & M made S and I eat before they would drive us home, which went over well. I vaguely remember drunk dialing people and the waiter cracking up at us over dinner. However, it turns out, Uncle Bubba was still reeling from his partaking in the adult beverage and needed some food in him before he drove us all home.

p.s. could I have used the word boobies anymore???


  1. That is hilarious! I was off yesterday, of course, and got stuck in one of the stupid daytime parades. Like as in driving along like I was supposed to be in line like that. I just waved. WTH else could I do? Crap - I just remembered I might have had some beads from last year still in my car. Guess I could have thrown them...muahahahahaha!

  2. Looks like it was a splendid time! Glad you clarified that last picture cause you and the boobie girl were wearing the same color shirt and that totally could have gone the wrong way! ;)