Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thanks for the award!!!

Danielle gave me this GREAT award...THANK YOU!!!

1.Thank and link to the person that gave you the award
2.Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered & whom you think are fantastic

3.Contact said Blogs to let them know they've won

4.State 7 Things about yourself

Ok...so now I'm following these rules...y'all know I am not good a being a rule follower LOL

1) Danielle thank you so much for recognizing me and my lil ole blog.

2) 15 bloggers...wow it's so hard to choose!
     Once Upon a Miracle
     Whiskey in My Sippy Cup
     Coffee Table for Two
     Crazy Texas Mommy
     A Southern Belle Trying Not to Rust
     Table for Nine
     My Three Bubs
     Momma's Pixie Dreams
     Powell Power
     Gun Diva
     Pam D
     Keep Believing
     Who put me in charge of these people?

3) I will get busy letting everyone know that they have won an award.

4) hmmmm...lemme think...
     I'm in school and it's hard and I want to quit but I won't.
     Boykid was in our wedding...LOL
     Girlkid was a surprise LOL
     I drive a "mom" car and I desparately want a HOT MOM car...LMAO
     I still don't love my job and it's been a year.
     I have been with my company for 10 years.
     We live in the boonies and I hate it.

Thanks for the blog award Danielle!!!


  1. You don't even have to notify me - I came over to read your blog and there I was! How cool is that? Thank you so much! Now I've got some work to do, too! I'll have my post up and running tomorrow :)

  2. Oh my gosh- THANK YOU!!!! And woohoo, I'm #1 on the list! (Take that Rachel!) Hahaha

  3. Thanks Girly! Feather was in my belly for our wedding but she was there in my book! TeeHeeHee! The story of finding out I was pregnant happened the same weekend my mom met the hubby...she really should have just gotten on the damn plane and gone back home because none of us had no idea how bumpy it was going to get! Next weeks TST! ;)

  4. First off, thank you muchas gracias chimichanga verde muy bien amigo! you are the best!

    And Julie... I'm sure she just put you first because she knows what a whiner you are ;)

    Congrats Auntie for the award! :)

  5. what is the matter with living in the boonies???? LOL
    thanks for the award, can you believe the rivalry going on between Rach and Julie????LOL
    You would think that they are twins separated at birth...ROFL

  6. Oh my gosh Rachel. I you come back here...why I outta.... *shaking fist*

  7. Thank you so much for the award!

  8. Hey wow thanks for the award! You like me, you really like me!! LOL

    Funny, I live in the big city and I would love to live in the boonies. Maybe we can switch!