Monday, February 22, 2010

Those crutches tried to kill me y'all

I found out Friday morning that my foot IS broken. OUCH! The 3rd and 4th metatarsals on my left foot were broken when a glass cake pan fell out of the bottom cabinet and onto the top of my foot. OUCH!

I saw Girlkid's foot surgeon and after he reviewed the x-ray, he came in, leaned on the counter, put his arms across his chest, and grinned like a cheshire cat. Then says to me Girlkid is gonna loooooove this!!! He then proceeded to have a soft cast (PINK of course) on my foot and told me to use Girlkid's crutches for one week, then use Girlkid's walking boot over the soft cast for another week, then come back to see him.

Well, one trip next door to the in-laws and back and I tossed those damn crutches far far away from me. They tried to break my damn neck y'all and I ain't even kiddin. I nearly fell so many was AWFUL!!!

In case you didn't know, let me be the first to tell you, injuries are for young healthy people, not old fat people...just sayin cuz this shit's for the damn birds.

It hurts, we've been busy, I haven't been able to rest it much and OMG today is my first day at work all day and it's killing me and I don't do much walking here.

My damn foot hurts...OUCH!


  1. I'm sorry about your foot - that sucks. Oh I know, get a bell on your way home and ring it every time you want something and have those people that live in your house wait on you hand & broken foot like the queen you are!

    PS: At least you're not wearing a WHITE cast after Labor Day...bahahahahaha! (Sorry - I couldn't resist.)

  2. I knew it was broken!!! I'm so sorry. I've done the crutches thing and you are absolutely right. They are for the young and healthy kids. Us old feeble people just can't move will with them. Feel better soon and get some prescription pain relievers!

  3. post up and get a lot to drink....

    That way when you fall on the crutches it don't hurt so bad and you can give a sh@t what it looks like...


    Sorry it hurts...

    the drink can help that too!!!

  4. OUCH. I hope you get to feeling better. The crutches are the pits. And hurts the pits too. Ha.

  5. Crutches hurt my arm pits. Sorry it's broken. I will now quit bitching about my tumble down the yard. At least I didn't break anything.

  6. I feel your pain! My ass is still killing me and I am too afraid to go back to the doctor and press the issue any further! I just know my stupid tailbone is broke...At least he gave me drugs before I left the office. Take care of yourself!!