Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I Meant To Say

This is my first time linking up with Chief for What I Meant To Say. It looks fun and I've got some things that I wish I would have said, so here we go!!!

To the nurse that told me that the mom to three teenagers was going to need rest, when she saw the QUIET teenagers waiting in the hall...what I said was nothing, what I meant to say was "WTF, you need to tell me that when they were sitting there, quietly and patiently, waiting for hours for their mother to get out of surgery???"

To the other nurse that said that the big brother of the just born baby needed to get out of the floor, what I said was nothing, but what I meant to say was "WTF, he's 2 and misses his momma and wants to see his baby sister, back the fuck off bitch!" (on a side note, Uncle Bubba was mean and nasty to her for the whole family)

To the bitch on the phone that claimed to have never been billed by my company for taxes before, when in fact they have been billed annually since at least 2004, what I said was let me get back to you, what I meant to say was "lying bitch, pay your damn bill and back off, oh and do not call me up being RUDE, it gets you nowhere!"


  1. Sounds like you were in a hospital that needs some training for their nurses. Geesh.

  2. I agree with Julie. those nurses sound rude and stupid.

  3. Sometimes you wonder why people choose the field they do?! I mean if you aren't compassionate and don't know how to interact with people nursing was probably not the best choice!

  4. Ummmm this one sounds like it is just right for me....

    I always think of just the right thing to say about 10 minutes to late...

    I hate it when that happens!!!!!!!

  5. really, it kills me that people choose to work n a profession that is obviously not fit for them. Then we suffer!

    Thanks for playing along today!

  6. It happens to me, when I wont say what i realy want to say at that moment, and i'l find myself weeks later still thinking about it...
    Have a great day!