Monday, March 8, 2010

Blog blocked

Well, my potty mouth has gotten me blog blocked y'all. I mean, I suppose it was bound to happen, but really, so soon??? I only wanted to be on that blog to know where other Texas bloggers are and maybe, just maybe, I dunno, network or hell, maybe even one day MEET another blogger. Besides the one that lives waaaaaay up in Canada that I get to see once a year when she drags her sorry ass out of the fucking snow to come down here and nearly die from the heat just to see me.


What I got instead was a politically correct email from someone who proclaims to be God loving telling me that my potty mouth offends her and she's taking my warning and taking the opportunity "click the the X".

Oh and tell me that she would NOT add me to the list of other Texas bloggers. Because even though she claims to want to create a "network of as many Texas bloggers as possible" you can only be part of that network if and ONLY if you love God as much as she does, which means never saying a potty word...EVER apparently.

Now, I happen to be a lover of God myself, I just don't feel the need to proclaim it from my loud potty mouth all the time and I try real hard not to judge others when they do proclaim their love for God all the time or when they judge me for having a potty mouth AND choose to not include my blog on the list because God forbid a bunch of grown ass women from Texas be able to decide for themselves if they want to read my fucking blog or not.


  1. Oh thank god another normal Texas blogger! Ive seen said blog and the blogs that were included scared me...
    You should start your own Texas bloggers page, include blogs without a daily scripture reading or apron patterns.....

  2. Girl, this is where need to go. Plus Lee, the Hotflash Queen is from the Houston area...I think.

    What does CCWA stand for? Comment Crack Whores Anonymous. And one of the first things they say is if you're offended by real language then maybe it's not the place for you.

  3. Well...humpfh. If the moderator only knew how much grace God grants to her.

  4. I love you. In a non-lesbian way, LOL

  5. Sounds like she did you a favor if you ask me!! I wouldn't go near her blog even if you paid me {well maybe if you gave me cold hard cash but it would have to be bucket loads!}. ;)

  6. Well, Goddamn! Sonuvabitch. Who the fuck does she think she is blocking you? (Was that enough to offend too?)

    Screw it; stick with your sailor-mouthed friends. We gotta stick together.

  7. HHHHhhhMMMMmmmmmm, I think enough was said about that.....

    And I think that God is totally capable of taking care of himself.....

  8. Sorry to read this. I'm a member of Texas Blogging Gals but didn't know there was a certain high bar that needed to be reached before being added. Well, I'll follow you and we can be the Texas-Whoever-You-Want-To-Be-Bloggers.

    I am the creator of Snail Mail Notes, which features several Texas-themed notecards and magnets. A giveaway is going on now through March 15. Go by my blog to see how to enter.


  9. She didn't add me either, but at least she was smart enough not to send me an e-mail explaining to me that it's my potty mouth keeping me from her high tone blog roll. She does now have a disclaimer stating she has the right not to include blogs she finds offensive. Maybe she could've stated up front she was looking for faith based blogs and not thrown out that whole thing about getting as many Texas bloggers as possible. How about Spiritual Texas Blogging Gals? It would've saved me a whole shitload of time trying to figure out what freaking region I'm in.

  10. I am so far behind on your blog :( but you know I love you and your potty mouth!! hahahahaha It takes me a good 3 months after our TX trip to control the f word every other word out of my mouth!! LOL

  11. Fuck that shit yo. Move the fuck on and take your shit elsewhere. Just sayin