Tuesday, March 9, 2010

True Story Tuesday

It's time for TST with Rachel and Mr. Daddy over at Once Upon A Miracle. Tell a story, add their button, and link up...easy money y'all!!!

Over the years, I've gotten in the habit of tossing leftover food out the back door. We've had stray cats around and our dogs around to eat it and it beats putting it in the trash can. So the other day, I asked Uncle Bubba to toss some things out the back door. He tells me that we don't have any strays anymore. I laugh and (JOKINGLY) say whatever Uncle Bubba, I'm feeding my pet possum. OMG y'all, he opens that damn door and there sits a possum, staring up at him, like he's been waiting for days for someone to open that door and toss him some food. Uncle Bubba cracked up, I cracked up, and the kids thought it was funny that mom has been feeding a "stray" possum...HAHAHAHA!!!


  1. I heard some noise on my front porch the other night so I turned on the light and there was a flippin' possum sitting there with a plastic container stuck on its head just staring at me. Well I just started screaming and beating on the door. It went left, then right, then left, then finally just jumped off the porch. I was so scared seeing one on the other side of the door I don't know if I would have survived seeing one there with the door opened!

  2. Isn't it nice bieng ALWAYS right?! Bwahahaha!!

  3. Bawahahahaha! That is GREAT! Why the heck did it have a container on his head?

  4. R you fattening him up for some good old southern Possum pie????? LOL


    That actually gave me chills - talk about TIMING!

    That just floored me! Can you tell? That's like six exclamation points already! Okay seven.

    I'm blown away. That would have scared me in more ways than one and you would have had to pry me off the ceiling, LOL!

    Love it! A perfect TST :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. Hopping over (a bit belatedly) from the True Story Tuesday link-up...

    That was perfect timing there! You couldn't have planned it any better if you tried! I remember my grandparents used to feed the local raccoons (this was years and years before the rabies epidemic) and they'd wait patiently in the yard for my grandparents to set out plates of leftover spaghetti or whatnot...but they never sat waiting on the front porch! Too funny!