Tuesday, March 23, 2010

True Story Tuesday

So, I missed out last week cuz of this little thing called a vacation that I took...LOL Of course, being on vacation during Spring Break gave me several TST's to share and choosing for today was no easy feat, but today will focus on Pickle cuz he's funny and I love him and every time he speaks, I nearly piss my pants laughing. So, if you have your own TST, head on over to Rachel & Mr. Daddy's place, grab the button, post your TST, and link up...it's that simple y'all!!!

So, Aunt Crazy, Girlkid, and Pickle Grandma decided that it would be fun to take three toddlers to the Houston Zoo during Spring Break. Of course, we are arrogant because we have had toddlers before, we're experienced right and we think that a one to one ratio is all we need to survive a day at the zoo during Spring Break...HA I say to you...HA! A two to one or hell maybe even a three to one ratio is needed cuz well, toddlers, they are FAST on their short little legs. So, that Pickle, he'll be 3 in April and he is quite the character, I'd like to say he gets it from his Aunt Crazy, but it would have to be through osmosis since we aren't blood related or anything so I guess I'll confess that he gets it from his daddy, otherwise known as Pickle Daddy. We were smart y'all and we took the wagon to pull these three toddlers around in but of course, Pickle and LB don't want to ride, they want Pickle Grandma to carry them or "hold you" as they tell her...LOL So she does of course, cuz that's what grandma's do right? So, Pickle is about 1/2 the size of Pickle Grandma but she alternates carrying Pickle and LB all the way from the parking garage to the zoo which is about a mile hike. The other little guy, Deuce, he rode in the wagon...LOL We get nearly there and Pickle cops a squat on the sidewalk and says "Can we just sit for a minute? I need to rest Aunt Crazy, I need to rest for a minute!" I cracked the hell up cuz well, why on earth he needed a rest I'll never know cuz he'd been carried most of the way HAHAHAHAHA!!! Then, on the way home, Deuce takes a little nap cuz he's tired being the youngest of the three and all must be really hard work. Pickle became very upset about this and said to Pickle Grandma, "namaw, Deuce is asleep and the sun is out, he needs to wake up cuz we don't go night night when the sun is out, only when it's dark outside namaw and it's not dark so please wake him up!"

He makes me laugh all the time, all the damn time y'all!!!


  1. My middle one use to say "Hold you?" all the time whenever she wanted to be picked up. I loved it so now I am trying to teach that to the little one but she just grabs my leg and says "Down"?! Kiddos are funny little creatures!! ;-) Sounds like you had a great time!

  2. Oh lordy - someone's mama has said we don't sleep when the sun is out once or twice, you think?

    I have a new button too. Not sure why it didn't automatically change on yours...hmmm....

  3. 'Hold you' is so cute! One of mine used to say that, but I've got so darn many, I don't remember who it was! haha!

    Y'all are brave... I wouldn't do a one-to-one ratio with a toddler at the zoo without a leash! ;)

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwww. He sounds so adorable. Both of them. How nice of it was your Mom to carry one of them. She is a sweet Grandma : )

  5. Haha- NO! Whatever you do- don't sleep when the sun is out! Because that would qualify as a nap and no child likes to nap. :D

  6. I love the HOLD YOU - cuz my kid STILL says it!

    And I snorted at the "take a rest" part - that Pickle is a walking TST :)

    You guys are saints for trying that wth toddlers. And don't listen to Brandi. She's slightly superheroish... she took ALL THREE OF HERS on a ROAD TRIP. Holy smokes.

    Thanks for linking up! Love it!

  7. It sounds like you had fun, despite the craziness with the toddlers!