Friday, April 9, 2010

Awesome Sauce Award

I got it bitches and you don't so about that?!?!?!?!?! However, if you go visit Big Mama Cass, my sister from another mister and my new BFF, you can beg for it cuz I did (don't you judge me) and she gave it to me, sssssssshhhhhhhh don't tell her, but I think she gives it to anyone who begs for it. HEY get your mind outta the gutter, I was talking about the AWESOME SAUCE award!!!

The rules of acceptance are:

    Give the award to some other deserving bloggers.
    Write a list of weird and/or unknown random facts about yourself.
    Sport the button on your page. 

Hmmmm so you want to know some weird and/or unknown random facts about me. Sheesh woman, you don't ask for much do you. I mean, it's not like they call me Aunt Crazy or anything.
Lemme think people! 
(Still thinking)
(SHUT IT, I'm still thinking here) 
NO the rat trap of a brain inside my head is NOT going to explode from ALL that thinking. I promise!  
  • I have been to as many different schools as I have been to years of school. Can we all say move much???
  • I have been to jail, 8 months pregnant no less. I promise a TST from this.
  • There is a story behind the midget stripper mentioned in my post from yesterday. Yet another TST will come from this too.
  • I hate hate hate my middle name and I refuse to tell people what it is.
  • I'm a city girl but I chose a redneck man and we live his redneck, country life and I don't fit in well. In fact, I'm not sure I fit in well anywhere.
  • I have that same loss of feeling thing in my itty bitty titties that Cass has...LOL
  • I call myself conservatively liberal, which Uncle Bubba says is an oxymoron, and then I lose all sense of maturity and decorum and scream in his face that he can SUCK IT cuz I fucking vote republican so I can call myself any damn oxymoron name I want too even if I do have liberal there HA!
  • I think I'm funny but deep down really know that I'm only amusing to my-own-damn-self.
  • When my bitches get to the river here in Texas for the summer weekend trip, I talk so much I lose my voice, EVERY freakin YEAR!
  • I smoke and I like it and I don't want to quit and what makes it worse is that I was damn near 28 when I started so I knew better but I don't even care and I throw my butts out of my car window.
I am passing the AWESOME SAUCE award onto the following bloggers, cuz I love their blogs!!!
Stacy with no E cuz I heart her and she's promised to sleep with me when she drags her sorry ass from the frozen tundra in Canada where she lives to the try to fucking kill ya heat of Texas in July for another weekend of good times!!!

 Julie cuz she's well on her way to blog domination, especially after being blunked, and yet again I have begged my way into something fantastic and I'm so going with her to domination land by riding on her coat tails and she promised me she would take me with her and I told her I would follow but only if she sent her followers my way, which she's done, so here we go!
Rachel and Mr. Daddy because they make me laugh every day but especially on Tuesdays with True Story Tuesday and well, when I see the words "Rach in:" I start laughing cuz I know something funny is coming! Plus, Mr. Daddy followed me before Julie, so apparently I am important! HAHAHA
Leiah makes me laugh and her comments are the freakin deakin BOMB y'all, seriously, she's funny! Plus, she INVENTED the word blunked, so how can I not love her? She's awesome!!!
Dammit have a lot of rules, this is one long ass blog post but it was fun and since I'm awesome sauce, it's all ok!!!
THANK YOU Cass!!! Aunt Crazy loves you the mostest, just don't tell anyone, it'll be our little secret!!!


  1. There is a whole heap load of stories in those little bullet points! And now we need details... *anxiously tapping fingers* ;-)

  2. "Aunt Crazy loves you the mostest, just don't tell anyone, it'll be our little secret!!!"

    I'm gonna tell Julie, I'm gonna tell Julie......LOL

  3. I've received two awards in as many days. Who's attaining world blog domination now! Hee hee hee...thanky girlie!

  4. Way to go on your award.

    Can't wait for this TST. This sounds interesting. LOL

  5. You got Mr. Daddy to follow your blog. Wow you are important. I better join in. LOL
    Congrats on the award and I liked reading about you since I am new around these parts:)

  6. Some of my followers made their way over here? Cool! And quit w/the Mr. Daddy thing or I'm drop kickin' you off my coat-tails! Oh, and thanks for the award! Hahahaha

  7. thats the perfect way to describe my political affiliation.

  8. Thank you thank you thank you!

    I am soooo behind on this - very sorry. My email box is drowning me (1200 messages) and I'm trying to catch up!

    Thank you (don't you love what a sportsmanish winner Mr. Daddy is??? ;)