Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fruit and flowers OH MY

I sent Uncle Bubba a fruit bouquet. It was my second choice, but since the midget stripper wasn't available, I had to go with the fruit...hahahahaha

Uncle Bubba sent me the most beautiful red roses, FIFTEEN of them...gorgeous!!! Uncle Bubba did GOOD y'all!!! Thank God he didn't send ME a midget stripper, it would have been funny, but I would have been FIRED from my job fer sure!!!


  1. Oh, I love the fruit!! Damn. Now I'm hungry. :(

  2. Awww, that Uncle Bubba's a keeper! Special occasion? I think you did good with the fruit bouquet vs. the midget stripper. Maybe the only thing that would have been better would have been to have a midget stripper deliver the fruit bouquet?! LOL!

  3. Edible Arrangements are sooooo good! I love those bouquets! Happy Anniversary. I read your other post with the wedding pictures I just didn't get a chance to comment. I love looking back in time.

  4. Now for some reason I can't get Matt Roloff wearing a sarong and a Carmen Miranda headpiece out of my mind. Thanks a lot.

    Beautiful flowers. And now I'm hungry too!

  5. after reading Leiah's comment I got a visual...
    Thanks Leiah....
    Now I'm running around trying to poke out my minds eye....ROFL

  6. Happiest Anniversary - he did good!

    Totally cracking up at the comments too!

    Mr. Daddy would most definitely let you ride his coat-tails. Goshdarnit, that man should get his own blog though, huh? LOL We love having you with us for the ride - and PLEASE, for the love of all that is funny, you have GOT to share the 8-months-pregnant-and-in-jail story!!!! :)

  7. Heheheheheheheh Midget Stripper Hehehehehehehehe!!! Oh no Leiah just made the visual so much funnier!!!

    I've always wanted an edible arrangement but my hubby is way too cheap for something like that and those flowers are beautiful!

  8. first things first---WHERE do you "rent" a midget stripper?! NOT that I would, just asking you know for knowledge!! haha

    ya'll both did each other good!!
    glad it was a great Anniversary!

  9. That fruit thing looks really yummy. Are those chocolate covered marshmallows? I love those.

  10. You both did good! And that dang fruit bouquet had to cost as much as the flowers. I made the mistake of buying one for our registrar for her birthday and damn nearly fell over when I got the bill.

    Leiah - really? You had to share that visual? Thanks. I'll be with Mr. Daddy poking my minds eye out.