Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Honest Scrap award...times TWO y'all

So...Janet over at Something To Talk About gave me this award the other day and today Kimber at Day in the Life of a Girl Named Kimber gave it to me today. WOWZA ya think they like me, they really really like me??? bwaaaahahahahaa

Awesomesauce y'all...this is a GREAT award!!! I feel so special for receiving it from TWO bloggers....and NO Ian, I don't feel special ed, I just feel SPECIAL the warm and fuzzy kind of special!!!

So, I have to share 10 things about me...this may be hard cuz I told y'all my secrets when I got the awesomesauce award...LOL

  1. My bed has become our closet because most of nights we sleep in our chairs in the living room...LOL
  2. I rarely cook but don't mind doing the dishes.
  3. I hate to clean, so I avoid it like the plague.
  4. I have been a student at Univ of Phoenix since Jan 2008.
  5. I think high school should be revamped and wish daily that I had the wherewithall to take that on!
  6. I miss watching my boy play baseball and I'm sad that he quit.
  7. Last night, I walked for 45 minutes and asked my peeps on FB if it would make people make fun of me if I smoked a cigarette while I excercised...LOL
  8. I would love to win the lottery but I never play the lottery...hahahahaha
  9. I'm a self professed blog whore and have nearly 100 that I try to keep up with, hell maybe more!
  10. I get so excited about these awards, it makes me feel silly that I'm so happy about it, but I don't care! LMFAO
 Now, to pass on the bloggy award love...Janet says 10 bloggers, Kimber gave it to a few. So, I'm going to do it my way LOL

I give this award to every blogger I know and love and you can find them ---> there on the sidebar.


  1. what are you going to Phoenix for? that is cool!!
    I hate to cook too!! hehe

  2. You blog whore you. Sicko.

    Thanks for the award. *Ahem* I know you wanted to give it to ONLY me but you felt a little mean about doing that.

  3. Yes, I would mock you mercilessly for smoking while exercising. But I'm mean like that.

  4. I totally think you of all people could take on the high schools! ;-) It needs your no BS approach!

    Thanks for the award chicky!!

  5. Oh no, don't stop there!! I've got another one for ya...come check it out!!

  6. is it possible for a guy to be a blog whore????

    Or am I just an introverted pimp.... ROFL

    And I have never seen what was so special about Ed either.....**guffaw*

    But I am all about warm and fuzzy....*snicker*

    have a great day....

  7. I go to high school everyday and damn if I don't I don't find myself all emotionally invested in the well-being of those chillren. I just love 'em to death. It would suck to be in high school, again, though.