Monday, April 5, 2010

Let's play tag y'all

Michelle from Momma's Pixie Dreams tagged me in a photo game over the weekend.

The rules...Go in your pictures folder & get the 10th picture from the first folder, then give the story behind it. Then tag 5 people to play along.

I have two places where I keep digital photos. One holds pictures that I don't need to keep and the other holds pictures that I want to have FOREVER. I cracked up when I saw the 10th picture in each one of those folders.  
This is the bedding Girlkid got for her birthday and we are supposed to be decorating her room to match this bedding. It's in the I really don't need to keep these pictures but have been too lazy to clean it out folder.
This picture is of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders. I went to a football game with my cousin and apparently, I was obsessed with these lovely ladies...HAHAHA See...there is another little story about the folder THIS picture came from. On the external hard drive where I save all of my digital pictures, the first folder is called "1" and any time I need to clear the memory cards from the camera, I dump all pictures into this folder and when I have time I move them into specially labelled folders. For example, I have folders labeled Christmas and Easter and each of those has a sub-folder with a year. So the Christmas folder has subfolders called 2004, 2005, 2006, etc and so does the Easter folder. My pictures are sorted and filed very carefully, ONCE they get moved from the folder called apparently I did not have a place for pictures of the cheerleaders because they are destined to live out their digital lives within a folder called 1...hahahaha

Can we all say VIRGO???? I am a true Virgo!!!

I tag the following people to join in...

Brandi at My Three Bubs
Rachel & Mr. Daddy over at Once Upon a Miracle

Have fun with it!!!


  1. OH Girl! You are much more organized than I am! I just let the dang picture download into the dated folder and then I sort them by the months...I should probably then put each month by year but ugh I am too lazy!! You are funny!! Love the bedding by the way. ;-)

  2. I am jealous of your photo organization!! I suck at it horribly!

  3. I'm at work, so I only have 1 disc with pics, this may be interesting .. great idea :)

    Does girlkid make her bed like that or do you?


  4. I love the bedding...and the cheerleaders. Hahahaha

  5. I love that bedding!!!!

    I hear you about not cleaning out your pics. My daughter takes pics of her Barbie's in differnt outfits and I need to delete a few hundred of them!!

  6. I'm such an idiot. I just left the below comment on my own post first. LOL

    LOL at the pictures.

    I was tagged in this, I just need to get my butt moving and figure out which picture is #10 in my folder!

  7. See, now because I know about your system, my little OCD devil will sit on my shoulder and hiss about my inferior organization system and I will have to give it up and go to Baskin-Robbins.

  8. And I am actually in love with your folder system... I am going to try that. I have everything listed by year then event like 08 Christmas, 09 Christmas, 06 Florida etc. :)

    And thanks... I will go seek out my photo now. Dun dun dunnnnnnn!