Friday, April 2, 2010

Letters of Intent

It's time for Julie's quickly becoming mega-famous LETTERS OF INTENT! Head on over to her place, grab the button, post your letters, and link up. Don't forget to read the other LOI blogs too, they are a HOOT!!!


Dear Julie THE blog dominator,
Please don't be mad that we BLUNKED you. We were only playing around and besides Brandi started it. We love you. We didn't mean to give you a heart attack and look how many new followers you gained, starting with Mr. Daddy himself. Seriously, it was fun and we loved having fun at your expense, but we really really want you to achieve your dreams of Blog Domination!!! You truly handled it like a champ and even more important, look how many votes you'll get on the next BOB just because people feel bad for you!!!

p.s. can you send some of YOUR followers my way???

Aunt Crazy


  1. You got a follow.

    All on your own merit ( :

    Even if I did get here via her blog.

  2. Aunt Crazy if it is any consolation, I followed you first?? LOL, ROFL, LMAO
    and we shouldn't feel to bad for Julie, God works in mysterious ways to keep us humble..*snicker*

  3. why do you need more followers when you've got me?

  4. Yet again someone else that is all over throwing me under the bus! LOL! Thanks for helping out with the prank. It really was funny!

  5. Happy Friday Follow.
    I am here from FF.
    Hope you will stop by and visit me and let me know I have been to your blog.

    @Buttons and Bows

  6. I lvoe the blog the warning label ...hahah

  7. Oh girl, you just keep right on brown-nosing me. Hahahahaha. And yes, continue to blame Brandi too. She needs to feel some major guilt. :D

    And oh my gosh- I can't believe Mr. Daddy has been following you all this time and he just now decided to grace me with his presence. And I'm sure it was Rachel who was forcing him to do so! What a stinker.

    Thanks for linking up, I forgive you. Maybe.

  8. Mr. Daddy...I know you followed ME before Julie...hahahaha and I heart you for that I really really do!!!

  9. Hehehehehe! And when they are done becoming your follower send them my way. ;-)

  10. Poor Julie. But all and all, a win for her. She did handle like a CHAMP.

    Oh, and I am grabbing your button. It is too cute. I must have not seen it before now!

  11. I tagged you in a little game over at my place! ;-)