Friday, April 9, 2010

Letters of Intent

Click the button below to read more Letters of Intent. Julie writes some great ones and so do her followers. If you don't follow her, you should because she's well on her way to blog domination and she's accepting applications for coat tail follwers. I am first though, of get in line people, get in line!


Dear self,
Suck it up and work. I know it's a beautiful day out and you'd rather be having lunch with your work wife and then some retail therapy, but it's not going to happen. You must work for a living, it's that simple. You do not live a life of leisure, so quit your bitching and move along with the tasks at hand, well, work AFTER you get done blogging.

Aunt Crazy

Dear rude bitch at lunch,
You are an adult, you should know how to stand in line, and you should damn well know better than to cut in line. ESPECIALLY after THREE people told you that you were cutting in line, but did you get out of line NO, you jumped in front faster and cut in front of THREE people. Not only did you cut in line, you ARGUED with me about it as if you were right and I was wrong. Bitch, little did you know, I am never wrong and I'll cut a bitch, well, I WOULD cut a bitch, IF I carried a weapon of some sort, so lucky for you it's an idle threat but a threat nonetheless, so back off bitch.

I hate you cutting in line bitch,
Aunt Crazy

Dear manager working the register at lunch,
When the lady cut in line, instead of making her go to the end of the line after THREE people told her she was cutting in line, you took her order...SERIOUSLY??? WTF is wrong with you? I mean, really, you are a grown ass man, running a restaurant, a customer filled restaurant. You should know how to handle these situations. Next time, do better, or else I won't come back to your place for lunch anymore and you can see I'm a fat ass that likes to eat there, so do what I say or else.

Your loyal lunch customer that has never seen the cutting in line bitch there before,
Aunt Crazy


  1. I'd cut her too, bitch.

    Oh so jealous that it's a nice day in Texas. Hmmmm ... WHY DO I STAY HERE AGAIN?

  2. baaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! YOU TELL THEM!!!

  3. Okay, I was seriously laughing out loud! I hate line cutters too! You had me rolling with your "I'll cut a bitch, well, I WOULD cut a bitch, IF I carried a weapon of some sort" LMFAO!


    Only because I am SOOOO with you on the line cutters! She'd be freaking out if she saw me start signing to her and not knowing what I was saying. Right? ;P

    And for reals? The employee did NOTHING? Punk.

  5. Gurl - I would have started such a scene. Yelling "Sa-curity! Sa-curity! We gots us a line cutter here"...just embarrassing the crap out of her. Yeah, I probably would have looked like a total whack job but at I bet I would have gotten a big ol' round of applause too. Then again, that could have just been the scene I imagined in my head just now. I really need a vacation I think.

  6. He didn't say a WORD???? Omg I hate people like that!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO RUDE! Love your letters ;)

    YOU MUST READ MINE TODAY! It will be worth it I promise.


  7. That was awesome!!!!

  8. Line cutters, So you need to borrow a blade?????

    I'd offer a gun but I don't want to be classified as a right wing nut job....LOL

  9. She needs to go back to kindergarten and learn the rules! RUDE!!!

  10. It is so hard to work with the weather we're having! The allergens in the air help a tad bit with that problem, but not much.

    I'd cut the line cutter with you. Dumb woman. One day she will get cut. And then what? Huh, huh- are you listening you line cutter you?

    Thanks for linking up. Found out last night we'll be in NYC when you're down here for the river trip this summer. But we are so ON for next summer!

  11. Yeah, I would'a had to cut a bitch too, if I carried a weapon of some sort. Just sayin.

    I'm still baffled at the blatant rudeness grown people show. Their mama obviously didn't paddle their ass as much as I got mine done.

    Have a great weekend! Stopped by via Foursons. So glad I did! I love your writing style.