Thursday, April 15, 2010

THIS my friends, my 50 follwers, THIS is my 100th blog post

and seriously, I got nothing...nothing people. I usually link up with Kmama over at The Daily Dribbles for Thank You Very Much, but today, I'm mean, hateful, pissy, and well just plain bitchy. As a matter of fact, if my girl parts hadn't been yanked outta me the same day I got these great itty bitty itties just over 3 years ago, I'd think I have PMS or something, but I don't, so I have no excuse. Apparently, I'm just a mean bitch on occasion. I guess I can't be crazy all the damn time, but honestly, I prefer crazy to mean and bitchy cuz it just doesn't feel good and I don't like it.

Crazy is fun people, FUCKING FUN!!!

Trying to find the positive...

in 91 days I'll be meeting my bitches at the river for some real fun times can we all say AWESOME SAUCE?!?!?!

yesterday my mom, my aunt, and I bought tickets to see George Strait (he's my next ex-husband), Reba, and Lee Ann Womack in San Antonio YAY ME...can we all say LADIE'S NIGHT and a hotel too woohoo

Pickle's bday party is this weekend, so I'm sure he'll provide me some real good gems for the blog

Maybe tomorrow I'll be crazy again and this blog can return to it's normal, fun-filled, f-word filled, bullshit that people seem to be reading LOL


  1. Way to go on the 100th post. Hope you kill the Mean Bitch soon, and get back to your Crazy Fn lovable self..... LOL

    Have a better day OK!!! K !!!!!!

  2. At least you were able to write this. I've got nothing. Nothing I tell ya!

  3. WooHoo! Congrats on the 50 and 100!!

    And I am totally going to start working on the Hubby...I need to come live with you! Even when you've got nothin' I want to be your BFF! Girls Night with George Strait and bitches at the River I need to be there!!

  4. perfectly fitting for a 100 post I'd say!!! :)

  5. Have fun and well just bitch on because it is just fine with me ....However many years ago I have spoken for Mr.Strait

  6. WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! Congrats on making 100 posts!! That's dedication for you!! I admire you word-sense!!

    And your last post - about passive aggressive people was WICKED!!!


  7. lol...I love your posts! You are so lucky to be seeing George Strait (who by the way is my next ex-husband too), Reba and LeeAnn. You lucky dog!

  8. You can still have PMS. Men have PMS and they don't have girl parts. So there. And where the fuck is my invite to this river gathering?!?!?! HUH HUH????