Tuesday, April 20, 2010

True Story Tuesday - injury tales

Click the button to read Rachel & Mr. Daddy's true stories and the true stories of other bloggers...go on...click it...well, AFTER you scroll down and read all about my injuries...lol

I was planning to post about my most recent injury (so thanks to Rach for having the same thoughts as me and having an injury theme this week) and I will but first I must tell you a story that Uncle Bubba LOVES to tell people because he says that self-inflicted injuries are the best and of course they are FUNNY!

Waaaaaaay back when Uncle Bubba and I were first dating, we had to go to summer school, cuz all those days of skipping school to drink Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill and well I'll leave the rest to your imagination, caught up to us. So, we stop for gas in the Chevy Caprice (read: TANK) we were driving at the time. The gas was put into the car in the rear, under the license plate. We'd had a fight, I was pissy, Uncle Bubba was laughing at me which really made me more mad at him. He asked me to move the car up cuz he hadn't pulled it up far enough. FINE, I get in, leave the door open, left leg hanging out, cuz I'm only moving it a few inches. When suddenly, PAIN AAAAAHHHHHHHHH the PAIN!!!!!!!! There was a concrete pole there, short, I couldn't see it y'all, I.COULD.NOT.SEE.IT, and the door hit it, and my leg was crushed between the door and the frame of the car. I started screaming for help, Uncle Bubba upon seeing what is going on, starts to LAUGH!!!! If I could have killed him with my eyes, he'd have been one dead 17 year old boy...yes he so would have been dead. I was crying and begging him to help me and he was LAUGHING! Finally, he managed to cough out a few words and tell me to back the damn car up to free my leg. I did and my skinny little leg looked mangled up, it was awful. Fortunately it wasn't broken but it took months for the indentation in my leg to go away on and the frame of that TANK of a car had the indentation of my leg as well.

Remember recently that I've broken my foot twice, two different times, two different place, three bones actually but the first time was a twoferone deal! Anyway, I've been out of the stupid walking boot for not quite three weeks. It's been swollen and hurting for days. Went to a new dr only to find out that the treatment for the broken bones has caused tendonitis in the tendon that runs from the toes to the leg and now I'm BACK IN A FUCKING BOOT, the tall compression one this time...UGH! I have to wear it all the time for 2 weeks, start physical therapy next Monday, three times a week for six weeks, and go back to the dr in 4 weeks.

Seriously y'all, I cried, yet again, like a little bitch in the dr's office. I just can not take anymore of this being broken. It's mentally and physically exhausting to be in the boot and in pain. I am too young to be this broken...right, RIGHT y'all?????

So, there are my injury woes...head on over to Rachel and Mr. Daddy's for more True Story Tuesday blogs!!!


  1. OK, not to rub salt in the wound but that boot can create even more injuries. Yes, I'm serious. Yes, it happened to me. Yes, I ended up in PT because of the boot. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  2. It is flip flop weather, girl!!! You CAN NOT be in a hideous boot right now! Hope it heals quickly!

  3. Sorry,,,, All I can think to say is it sucks to get old.....(and I should know)LOL

  4. Ouch, that hurt me just reading about it hope you are feeling better soon

  5. the dreaded BOOT...ugh...I'm with Julie if you can get away with not wearing it don't!!

    and how dare he laugh!!

  6. That is some sheer rotten luck. At least it's not august. At least its not 100 degrees outside. yeesh.

  7. That makes me feel so much better. I once shut my own hand in a car door, and I quite often roll the window up on my hair, but I have never, ever shut my own leg in a door.

  8. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch! I thought I was the only one with self-inflicted injuries! (And I can have a TST post about this ever.single.stinking.week and still not run out).

    Hope your foot is much better soon!

    (And grrrr at Bubba for laughing - he's lucky to have escaped only because you were hurt!)

  9. Oh girl since I am hobbling around on one leg do to a damn tendon I feel your pain! At least they gave you a boot.

    He is really lucky you just didn't back that car right over his ass!! :D

  10. First of all...OW. That sounds incredibly painful and you're lucky your leg didn't snap right off.

    Secondly...I'm sorry to hear about your boot. :( I hope your physical therapy goes well and you are out of that thing for good in a few weeks!

    Thirdly...omg Boone's Farm. We used to drink that crap all the time. Memories.

  11. Awww :( Hon, I'm so sorry. That sucks. I hope it gets all better soon.

    OMG I remember Boone's Farm and 40s LOL

  12. So sorry! If you went to Boone's Farm High School, then you might be about my age- which is way too YOUNG to be breaking bones!! I hope you heal quickly!