Friday, May 7, 2010

Letters of Intent 05/07/10

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I'm going to write this letter and then (TRY to) be done with all this bullshit!

Dear Coach Bitch,
I dispise you and what you've done to my daughter. She is 13 and because of you had to learn this week that ass kissing is a part of life. I had hoped that she would be much older before she learned that lesson. So, you stand by and watch her run those 2 laps in under 5 minutes for 8 days. Watch her run, enjoy every stinking minute, you horrible, heartless bitch. She's conditioned, she's in shape, the actual running is no problem for her or me. Plus, her older brother will be there with her every day, running with her to make sure she meets the requirements and to make sure that there are no issues. The real problem is the principle behind the whole thing, which no one but her and I (and my bloggy friends) seem to be able to see. So, she's sucked it up and agreed to run to get what she wants in the long run which is to participate in 8th grade sports next year. You sit back and watch her be the best you've ever seen and I hope you regret losing that tournament that our team was winning before you benched her and I hope you regret the overall losing season the team had before you forced her to stand up for herself and quit the team because before that, the team was winning most games and stood a chance at winning district. Not that I am "that" mom that thinks her daughter is the best player on any team, she's not, but she certainly was an asset and helped the team win those games and evidently, your second and third string players were unable to help much. She will be able to hold her head high, knowing that she sacrificed a little of herself to get what she wants. Isn't it funny how through all of this, my daughter has been portrayed to be the one in the wrong, even now you are appearing to be the generous one by giving her a second chance. HA what bullshit! Last, and certainly not least, IF you do anything, anything at all to jeopardize her playing next year, I only hope you remember that Karma is a BITCH! Eventually, you'll get what you deserve and I will just sit back and enjoy the show. So, I hope that you have no intention of telling the 8th grade coaches NOT to pick her on any teams, I so hope you don't make that mistake. I'm well aware that I will have no way to prove that, nor will there be a damn thing I can do about it, but all I have to say is Karma is a BITCH and I hope you dare Karma to teach you a lesson.

I believe in Karma, do you?

Aunt Crazy

Don't forget to send thoughts and prayers and positive energy and CANCER SUCKS thoughts to Momma Pixie and her family!!!



  1. I can't believe she had to run. That coach represents all that is wrong with coaching these days. And your daughter BETTER make the team next year! I didn't even realize not making the team was an option. If she doesn't make it you let us know and we'll go storm the school together.

    Thanks for linking up and thank goodness summer is almost here!

  2. OHH girl that is just wrong.. you tell your baby girl to show her tail how much better then her in all areas then the coach is..

  3. That coach needs a good old-fashioned beatdown. Flippin' bitchface!! I'm sure Karma is already working up a good plan, since that crap the coach already perpetrated is some straight up BULLSHIT!! I'm glad your daughter took the high road, even if it meant sucking up to a POS like that coach is. You're obviously doing your job JUST RIGHT, so kudos to you and your wonderful little girl...way to stick it to that moron! =)

  4. Screw Karma! I'm the biggest bitch in town and if you screw with my kids, you screw with me. And you really don't want to do that. Just ask my ex-husband.

  5. Karma will get that coach for sure. What a pig.

  6. Karma's gonna get the coach. Otherwise I'll lend you my taser!

  7. It's teachers (coaches, whatever) like this bitch that make kids hate school and hate sports and give up. I'm with my kids at school a few times a week, and I am so emotionally invested in each and every one of the rotten little heathens (that I adore with every fiber of my being) that I sit up nights worrying about them. I couldn't sleep last night because I wanted to make sure I had a clutch one of my girls could borrow for prom because she can't afford to get one and I want her to look dazzling on prom night because she's a senior and prom is special.

    So, this coach? Makes me want to change my name to Karma. And kick her ass.

  8. Ugh. This coach better watch her ass while walking thru the parking lot. Sall I'm sayin.