Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My son makes me laugh

Chance's high school career started in public school, then he switched to private, and now he's back in public. During all of this, he missed out on his foreign language credits. Here in Texas, in order to graduate, a student must have two foreign language credits. So, we've made arrangements for him to take Spanish this summer at a local private school. Should be very easy for him, he's brilliant, it's 4 days a week for 4 weeks for 2.5 hours per day, then an exit level exam is given. In order to get both credits, he must make an 80 or better. Again, should be easy for him. He however has no desire to take Spanish much less learn Spanish.

Yesterday, this was our text conversation...

Chance: If I suddenly develop dyslexia I don't have to have any foreign language credits
Me: LMAO who told you that
Chance: My friend, he doesn't have to take it cuz he is dyslexic
Me: Too bad, you are taking it
Chance: Nope, I can't read

Seriously...I was laughing so hard in my cubicle that I nearly pissed my damn pants.


  1. roflmbo.. hey I vote withhim cause see I can read and I can spell I just can't do both when using a keyboard and letters get twisted around. I call it internet dyslexia

  2. Gotta love his tinacity! Did I spell that right? Maybe you should ask Chance.

  3. I'm with chance....

    tell him to just press 1 for English...LOL