Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ugh y'all

Update on my girl: the fella that is the junior high liaison for our district emailed me last night to say that he had spoken with the parties involved at the junior high and that he wants to meet my girl and then have a meeting with my girl and the coach. He said that my girl will be required to do some running as a good faith effort that she's willing to work for what she wants. I'm torn here. She was punished by being benched for the remainder of a tournament and benched for a game and she was not only benched for a game but banned from even attending that game. She was then told she had to run to earn a spot back on the team or quit, she chose quitting, so it feels like over punishment, but at the same time, I can see that it may be important for her to learn to take her licks (so to speak) to get what she wants. I'm just not sure that the age of 13 is when she should learn that sometimes ass kissing is required to get what you want or need. Waiting to hear exactly how much running will be required and then make a decision and if we decide that the running is acceptable, have a meeting with the liaison, the coach, and my kid, which myself or Uncle Bubba or maybe both of us will be attending.

Friday night I had to run my 10 year old cat to the emergency vet cuz she couldn't breathe. They told me she was dying, which I knew, but still needed to pay someone nearly $300 in order to believe it. Saturday, she ran out of the house and she has not returned. We believe that she ran away to die alone. My boy, he dug her a grave, but it will most likely never be filled.

I saw George Strait in concert Saturday night in San Antonio! I've seen him no less than 15 times here in Houston but OMG the concert in SA was AMAZING! By far, it was my favorite EVER! He was so comfortable and laid back and having a really good time, you could just tell he was at ease in his home town. I loved it. It felt like we were sitting in a honky tonk watching a local band perform.

Monday...woke up at 3am with what I think was yet another migraine. It was awful and miserable and I had to call in sick and I think my boss is mad about that, which is out of the ordinary for him cuz he's so nice.

I promise to try to get back to the regular blogging routine and I have been trying to catch up on the blogs I love to read and I know I've been sucking at leaving comments and replying to y'alls comments, but it's been busy at work and my next class started and I'm just feeling overwhelmed, but I will get my groove back!


  1. Well... that's a lot to take now isn't it.. Hope the luck changes soon!


  2. You know, I'm inclined to say that she should not have to run to be on the team. She has already been punished. How much more are they going to punish her? That's ridiculous. That coach needs to let it go and move on. He just wants his way and is being a brat about it.

    Sorry you're feeling so poorly, I hope the headache goes away soon.

  3. Coach is a freaking super douchecanoe!! I say if your daughter has to run as punishment, then so does that little twat coach who is acting less mature than a 13-year old girl!! (Please show him this comment....LOL) I am SO SORRY about your kitty!! I hope she comes back to you, even if it is to pass on. Then you can all have some measure of closure...*hugs* Jealous of the concert...I ♥ George Strait!!! =D Also really sorry about your migraine...sounds like you're having a doozer of a week, and it's only just begun! Many more hugs from my end to yours, and I hope your head feels better!!

  4. BAHAHAHAHA...'douchecanoe' ~ that's a new one on me. I agree,though. The couch has some sort of superiority complex. Geeeeeez!

    Sorry about your cat. :(

    I luuuuuurve George. Never had the pleasure of seeing him in concert.

    Feel better!

  5. Ugh migraines are HORROR! I remember back in the day I had to go to the ER to get a shot for the bad ones! {shudder}

  6. I agree that seems like a little over punishment

    Sorry about your kitty & the migraines :(

    I have seen George once {we are on a first name basis though} and he was AMAZING...still one of the sexiest men ever!

  7. tough call for your girl...go with your heart.

    George is awesome, have never seen him in person but have most of his CD's.

    NOT a cat lover so can't feel you pain on any conscionable level, but sorry to hear it...

    and we definitely can understand the crazy busy schedule..... hopping it gets better for you....