Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blog Material

This will most likely be random and all over the place, but that's how I like it and you know you love me and I'm amusing to myowndamnself and all that...moving along!!!

Pickle, Pickle Daddy, Pickly Mama, and Pickle Sister moved into a house around the corner from us. Uncle Bubba said when they made the lease agreement, "well, the good thing is we'll see the babies more, and the bad thing is, well, we'll see the babies more!" I nearly peed laughing.

Saturday, I told Pickle I would bring him some ice cream. Uncle Bubba got there before me and has Pickle call me. This is our convo...

Aunt Crazy: Hello
Uncle Bubba: Someone wants to SPEAK with you
Aunt Crazy: Just put Pickle on the fucking phone, shit, I'm trying to fucking enjoy driving my new car, the a/c is blasting, the sunroof is open, and the radio WAS blaring until you called...geez
Pickle: Crazy?
Aunt Crazy: Yes Pickle
Pickle: WHERE ARE YOU??????????????????????????
Aunt Crazy: Driving dude, I've got the ice cream and will be there in about 3 minutes
Pickle: Crazy?
Aunt Crazy: Yes Pickle
Pickle: WHERE ARE YOU??????????????????????????

Aunt Crazy: Look dude, I'll be there in 3 minutes, tell Uncle Bubba to hang up the phone!

Yes, they really call me Aunt Crazy or Crazy in real life...I swear!

Last night, Pickle Mama needed to borrow our washer & dryer. They are young, they are broke, it's all good, come on over, ours is open to one and all.

Pickle Daddy takes over my chair AND the remote cuz Uncle Bubba was at work. He proceeds to tell us that one of his coworkers took the ball of dried up, gooey hand sanitizer from the bottle and put it on Pickle Daddy's shirt. Pickle Daddy thought it was a BOOGER, yelled at the coworker, tried to flick it off his shirt back on the cowoker, it wouldn't budge, he was threatening to kill the coworker, who in turn was laughing his fucking ass off. All I had to say was with the Pickle Family living so close, I'll have LOTS of blog material...just sayin.

The other night, I was telling Pickle good night and I would see him tomorrow. I said I'm just going to my house. You know where that is right? He says yep, follow me to my room, I'll show you where you live from my window! OMG...I cracked the hell up!!! He was going to show me where I live y'all! Isn't that the cutest thing ever???

Well, it's NOT!

This is...when we leave, we say goodbye, Pickle says "I love you Crazy, gimme a kiss!" Now that <----- THAT is the cutest thing EVER!!!


  1. Awwwww!
    I love how they call you Crazy in real life. :) Salt is a real life nickname for me too!

  2. Oooo I am looking forward to all the Pickle material yet to come! =)

  3. I'm following from friday follow! Thanks for hosting