Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Caption This! 8

Big Caption This Button

Big Mama Cass is hosting her weekly Caption This! blog carnival. Look at the picture below, offer a caption in the comments, then click the button to caption other blogger photos. I don't promise any prizes or anything crazy like that but the pictures are neat and the captions are GREAT!

This is where I'll be with my bitches in 23 days y'all!!!


  1. First, how do I get to be one of your bitches 'cause that looks like fun?! LOL! ;)

    Okay, caption: "WARNING ~ Strong Current, Float at Own Risk"

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  3. Well I guess I should have read the instructions before I posted, but I just got so damn excited at the sight of our dock and floatie things, almost spit my coffee out.

    Damn, my rubber dingy looks hot on top of IE's rubber dingy.

  4. OK, not to burst your bubble but I've heard rumors that the river will be closed until August. There was a sewer pipe that burst into the water when we had the flood a few weeks ago. Call the city and find out for sure.

  5. Woo, tubing!! =D

    Let's see here, caption, caption, caption....


    Okay! Got it.

    Caption: Woot, I'm gonna float these mofos like a hot check!! (xD)

  6. Can a guy be a bitch??????

    caption: "Snakes?????did somebody say SNAKES...

  7. no caption but yeah!!! looks like fun!

  8. Sounds like such fun.

    Caption: I TOLD HIM those (*&@(&@ floats were not going back in the car!

  9. "Unable to wait until they got home, the floaties had their way with each other in a secluded corner. Unbeknown to them, they had a voyeur!"

    haha Looks like fun!

  10. Who had to be different and bring the purple one?