Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monday Memorial Minute 05/31/10

Hooking up with Ian for Monday Minute - Memorial Day Edition, a day late of course...LOL

1 - Have you or a family member joined the military? Not me, but my brother, some uncles, both grandfathers, some friends

2 - Have you or a family member served his/her country in times of war? I think my grandfathers and uncles

3 - What's your favorite BBQ food? Chopped beef

4 - Do you fart in public? Uhmmm NEVER EVER, and I do mean EVAH!!!

5 - What's the one question that if it shows up on a Monday Minute, you refuse to take part? I dunno!


  1. LOL We public farters seem to be equal in number to the NEVAH EVAH in public farters...xD Who would have thought that would be such a dividing topic? LMAO Enjoying your post as always....take it easy! =)

  2. A day late! Shock! What is the matter with your girl? :D

  3. Despite a previous post to the contrary, I NEVER Fart in public. I also never lie, cheat or exaggerate. I didn't add steal cause I actually don't do that one.