Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Minute 06/14/10

1 - What's the specs of the first computer you owned? I can't even remember...let's go with OLD...LOL

2 - Are you on Twitter/Facebook/etc, if so link it/them up...not me!

3 - Who's more to blame for the oil mess in the gulf - BP or the Gov't and why? No comment

4 - What's your favorite Dr. Suess book? Green Eggs and Ham

And finally...

5 - What did you want to be when you grew up? A kindergarten teacher, an accountant, a mom.


  1. HA ~ I could comment on #3 all. day. long. ;)

    P.S. Twitter is fun... just ask Julie. I begged her to Twitter and now she's addicted. Just ask her. :D

  2. Thanks for linking up!

    LOL at no comment on #3.

    Don't you work in accounting, and you're a mom, so 2 out of 3? pretty good!!!

  3. OH come on you KNOW you have a comment on #3.. and why aren'tyou on twitter.. we could have a blast on twitter lol

  4. I am sooo not addicted to twitter! I hardly get on at all, I just set it up to announce when my posts publish. And occasionaly I'll get on there to whine. But yeah, whatever Brandi!

  5. Teacher must be the #1 answer. I keep seeing it. Loved your answers...even the BP one. Happy Monday!

  6. Joining in on Kmama's Monday Minute and stopping by to say hello.

    Not on Twitter yet? Come on... everyone needs at least one addiction (not counting blogging!) in their life.

  7. Stoppin' by from Kmama's!
    Do all girls want to be teacher's? I did!

  8. Yeah on the Green eggs and Ham....LOL

  9. I never wanted to be a mom and now look at me! You may be Aunt Crazy but I am a Crazy Fucking Momma! ;-)